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Hi everyone,

I got many hobbies that I do during my free times or when I just want to relax my mind.Two of my hobbies are singing and running.Singing is what I like doing mostly when I am free while running is my talent.

I started singing at a young age in church and also at home.I love singing because it relaxing and enjoyable.Whenever I have done a lot of reading I usually start singing loud if I am at home but at school I can’t do it so loud since it might cause disturbance.I have not yet had a thought of composing my own songs but I hope that one day I will although I am at times I am very shy to sing in public.

My other hobby is running.I started running in grade 6 when our school was to participate in inter school competitions,I was asked by our games teacher to just try and run for at least one kilometer.I was worried at the start and butterflies were all over my body.I did my best and finished fifth in the three kilometer race.That gave me the passion of running and since then I have loved running.

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Cynthia Quinn
    on December 6, 2019 at 1:28 am said:Edit
    Hello Beth 🙂
    One of my hobbies is also running! I remember doing school competitions as well but that’s really impressive that you did so well despite your nerves and considering it was your first time. I know what you mean, before a race, I get butterfly’s in my stomach to! Where do you usually run? Although I don’t do it to often I also like to sing. I think you should pursue your passion of composing some songs that would be very cool! What is your favourite type of music to sing? When I was in grade 6, I joined choir at my school. I think this helped me be more confident in my singing because I was surrounded by others who also shared my passion. Are there any choirs in your community?
    Thank you so much for sharing your passions I enjoyed reading about them very much!

  2. Hi Beth!

    Reading your post had me realizing that a lot of the hobbies people are posting make them feel relaxed in some way and calm them! I think this is super interesting, because it shows how we have all found our own activities and methods to relaxing ourselves by doing something we love! For me, I find it super relaxing when I am playing soccer. I think it is enjoyable but it also relaxes my mind too, similar to singing for you!

    It’s quite neat that you started singing at a young age in your church. Did you have to practice the songs before hand before performing them? Also, do you sing in a choir setting or do you do more solo performances? Or maybe you do both!

    Thanks for sharing your hobby!

    – Madison Ciulla

    • Beth Wanjiku
      on December 5, 2019 at 2:27 pm said:
      Hi Madison,

      Thank you for reading my post.To answer you I did practice singing before presenting the song in church but I am not in a choir because in our church we don’t have a choir for youths

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