Agnes’s hobbies

Hello everyone.
my pastime hobbies are soccer and dancing. I have been playing soccer ever since I was in elementary school having been influenced by the England players that I saw playing in the television and my mum couldn’t allow me to attend my training section but she always insisted that I should focus on my studies. Due to that, I made sure that I snicked and attended my training at least twice a week.
After I joined high school, looked for a club around our home that I have been training with in the stadium around our home. Because the training starts from Tuesday up to Saturday, I always make that I help my mum some chores at home so that she doesn’t denies me permission to attend my training.
Soccer have allowed me to interact with different people in the country so as to get a better women’s club that I will join now that I have finished grade 12. Soccer have also helped me learn the value of teamwork. Apart from that, it has enabled me maintain my body physically.
Other than soccer, dancing is another hobby that i practice when am not attending my training for soccer for the purpose of entertainment.
-Agnes N

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  1. Madison Ciulla
    on December 6, 2019 at 6:44 am said:Edit
    Hi Agnes!

    I can totally relate to your experience with soccer. Growing up, my parents also told me I need to put my school work and studies before sports. When I was younger I was quite upset and didn’t like that I would have to stay home and study for a test rather than go to soccer practice. Now that I am older, I see the importance in getting good grades, but I’ve also realized that I need to have a balance between soccer and school. Too much of one thing is never good, and I am happy to have found a balance that lets me continue excelling in both school and soccer.

    That is so cool how you are planning to join a women’s club now that you are done grade 12! In fact, I plan to do the same when I graduate too!! Like you, I have definitely learned the value of teamwork from playing soccer too. Working with my teammates it is crucial that we support one another on and off the field!

    Thank you so sharing your hobbies with us I had a great time reading about them!!

    – Madison Ciulla

  2. Jasmine Padararu
    on December 4, 2019 at 7:23 pm said:
    Hi Agnes!
    I think it’s really cool that you pursued your passion of soccer and worked hard to achieve your goals. It is always hard to follow your passion without the support of your parents, and I’m glad you convinced your mom to let you attend training! I play soccer too, and I agree that it’s a great way to learn the value of teamwork and to meet new people. I’m just curious – what position do you play?

    • Agnes Njoki
      on December 5, 2019 at 4:30 pm said:
      well, i have been training for the striking position ( No 9 ) ever since i released that i can play soccer but our coach always insisted on us training for at least three position in the pitch, so i can also play as a midfielder and also as a winger.

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