Yvonne’s routine

Hi everyone this is my daily school routine:
4.00: The alarm rings and I turn several times before waking up.
4.10 -4.40: I head to the bathroom and take a shower comb my hair and polish my shoes if I was too lazy to do it last night .I also brush my teeth at this time.
4.40-4.55: I put on my school outfit, and quickly make my bed not to be late for morning preps.
5.00-5.05: I quickly run to the classrooms for my morning preps and prepare to take my studies throughout the day
5.10-6.00: I do my assignment and also polish up in writing notes. I also take personal studies during this time and also at some points take group discussions with my friends and groupmates.
6.05-6.30: I run downstairs make a queue ready to take my breakfast. I run to the dining hall take my breakfast quickly to save time maybe to go and clean my school clothes and get ready to start my duties.
6.35-7.00: I head to the washrooms this is where am located to perform my duties. After about 20 minutes I am through with my duties. I afterwards hang out with friend as we wait for the whole day lessons to start.
7.00-8.00: we all get in class and settle for our remedial lessons that take just an hour .When it’s already 8.00 the bell rings and the normal lesson get in session.
8.00-9.20: I get into my first lesson biology which is my best indeed. I love the biology teacher because she is jovial and teaches very lively. I also love biology because it carries my career and I understand it better.
9.20-9.30: I take a short break to prepare for my next lesson .we also chat with friends about the past lessons and hangout waiting for the next lesson.
9.30-11.00: we go back to class for the next two lessons English and history .They are so enjoyable to learn because history is all about stories and I enjoy that. We then break for tea break .this is the break I enjoy most because I like tea very much.
11.00-1.00: we get in class for geography and Kiswahili. I love this subject because Kiswahili is our national language and I feel proud of this. The lunch bell rings and we go for lunch.
1.00-2.0 :we take our well prepared lunch as we chat with friends. We also get time to rest and refresh our minds.
2.10-3.00 we go for afternoon lessons (physical education and religious education) I enjoy physical education most.
3.00-4.oo: at this time we are always free and we go to field or to clean our clothes or do what you feel like doing.
4.00-5.30: taking super and doing the cleaning in the dining hall.
5.30-7.00: we go for church service for about 2 hours before going for night preps.
7.00-9.0:0night preps and group discussion and personal revision
9.30: we go to sleep and maybe do some personal studies in the study room or maybe polish your shoes to prepare for the next day.
The day ends and repeats its self the following day!!

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