Sunnie’s routine

Hello everybody

I will be running through my daily routine in this comment

I usually wake up during this time. I take a long time to get out of bed so I make sure to put my alarm far away from me.

This is the time to get ready for school. I brush my hair and teeth and get into some fresh clothes. I make sure my bag is packed then depending on the time I eat breakfast with my sister.

I leave the house around 8:00, with my father and sister. My sister is in middle school and her school starts at 8:30. I get dropped off and head to my first class, English.

I really enjoy having English as my first block. There is not as much work as my other classes and every other day, the class gets to read and that really helps me clear my mind.

My next class is Science which is not my favourite, but I have a nice teacher. We have learned about chemistry and physics and currently learning Earth Science.

Lunch is where I get to meet up with friends and hang out. Most of the time I am doing homework for the next class but I get a break now and then. I have good friends that I can joke around and have a good time with.

Next is one of my favourite yet least favourite class, Social Studies. This is when I learn about History and how the rest of the world is doing. I forgot to mention that I am in french immersion. English and Science are in English but the rest of my subjects are in french. This class is one of them. I have to speak french, write french, listen to french and read french. I have been in this program since I was five years old. I don’t particularly enjoy french but I am holding up pretty well.

My last class of the day is Physical Education. This is another course I take in french. I enjoy this class somedays and somedays not so much. Our class takes a run every Friday and do sports on the rest of the days. I am happy it keeps me active and healthy.

My parents pick me up and my sister and we come home around 3:30. I usually lay around until 4:00 the I do whatever I need to do. Whether that is homework, cleaning my room or playing with my dog.

My family eats dinner at this time. Sometimes we eat it at 7:00 but no later than that.

After dinner, I usually have an extra-curricular I do. I do taekwondo, first aid training and cadets during this time. I also am a tutour on Wednesday and I have math classes on Thursday, both after school.

This is when I get ready for bed. I wash my face, brush my teeth and get into comfy clothes. If I am not sleepy I get a book and read until I am ready to go to sleep.

Thank you for reading about my day
Hope to see yours!

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