Shieva’s routine


Here is my daily routine:)

6:00- my alarm goes off and I get out of bed. I grab my glasses and phone, turn on some music and head to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face.

6:10- I put on my clothes and pack my backpack

6:20- I head downstairs to the kitchen to get my breakfast from my fridge. I’ll usually eat a yogurt bowl with granola and fruit but if I’m feeling creative I’ll make a breakfast sandwich or French toast.

6:35- I then grab my lunch from the fridge and my bags and leave my house and head for the gym.

6:45- I am at the gym working out.

7:55- I change into my school clothes.

8:14- I make it school. I quickly grab what I need from my locker and leave my jacket then head upstairs to English.

8:15- I’m in English.

9:40- I head downstairs to the change rooms for gym class. I change and meet my class in the gym.

9:44- I’m in gym class.

11:03- gym class ends. I change back into my clothes, wash my hands, grab my lunch from my locker, and sit with my friends in our spot. I try to get all of my English homework that I got in block one done in my lunch block. If I find that something stressed my out too much in the day I will meditate (for like 5 mins). Then I eat my lunch. I’ll always have cheese, crackers, and grapes.

12:25- I pack up my bag and head to my next class, science.

12:30- I’m in science.

1:49- I head to spanish which is on the last floor.

1:53- The last block starts! Im in spanish till the bell rings and I’m free.

3:12- I go to my locker and pack up. I then walk to the parking lot and get a ride home with my brother.

3:30- I get home. I put all my stuff in my room and eat my dinner immediately. I’ll have take out or homemade food depending on the day. It’ll probably be some Persian dish.

4:00- I get changed for a quick run! I put my music in, put my jacket on, stretch, and start running. I run down a big hill and then up a big hill so the beginning is always fun but coming back is the difficult part.

4:20- I’ll take a shower and then get dressed.

4:40- I start my homework. It could take around 2-6 hrs depending on how much I get. But it is usually somewhere in the middle like 3 hrs.

7:40- I get twenty minutes to do nothing. I’ll probably use this time to watch YouTube or Netflix, listen to a podcast and simultaneously clean my room, or FaceTime a friend who I don’t talk to enough:).

8:00- At this time I put out my outfit for the next day, pack my lunch, make my breakfast, pack my backpack, brush my teeth, and wash my face.

8:45- I have a bit of time to read or listen to music or a podcast.

9:00- I set my alarm and fall asleep:)

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  1. hi Shieva,
    Your day since to be well used and am happy for sharing with me our dairy routine.From our routine I have also realize that you love listening to music as I do but for me I only listen to music at home during the holiday because am in a boarding school and we are not allowed to carry any musical instrument in school.thank you for share with me our routine
    Purity Karwitha

  2. hello sheiva
    am very happy to learn about your daily is quite busy just like mine. but iwas also glad to learn that you enjoy youtube as I very glad that you keep your body fit. I also do so when am at home together with my brother. I enjoy running very much. but I think you sleep so 9.00 am always still in class !am also glad to see you go for gym class .congratulations sheiva
    Yvonne Wangeshi

  3. Hi Shieva
    It seems that you have a busy routine just like mine.I am also happy to see that you have kept aside time for exercise.The only thing that is different from my routine is that you wake up very late but i know that all is about the difference in the school routine.I am also happy for sharing your routine with us.
    JACKLINE Wanjiku

  4. HI SHIEVA, you really have a busy day just as i do,its just that my school routine is different with yours.Its good to know that you like having physical exercise as i have seen that you go for gym most of the times. Keep up shieva.
    Christine Santa

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