Rose’s routine

Hi, I am Rose Nkoisila and am in Loise Nanyuki Girls Secondary School. I am in grade 11. My school is a Boarding school and therefore I have a fixed routine. I normally try my best to keep time in order for me to follow my routine well.
4:00 am is my waking time. Where I wake up immediately when the bell goes and take a moment to thank God for the new day I have seen.
4:05am I make my bed and put on my towel ready to take a shower.
4:12 am is usually the time I finish my personal cleaning i.e. bathing, brushing my teeth and cleaning my clothes.
4:20 am I go back to the dorm and put on my uniform and also do my hair that is after hanging my clothes.
4:30am I am always in class ready for a group discussion we had formed with my friends where we concentrate on subjects challenging us. We do our discussion for one hour.
5:30am we disperse and I start a personal studies up to around 6:10 am.
At around 6:10am I go to the dining hall to have my breakfast. After there I go to supervise the duties around the school compound.
6:50 am I come back to class and take a moment to prepare myself to start the lessons. I prepare myself for the day by arranging my books depending on how the subjects follow each other in the time table.
7:45am I go for a short break and sometimes we have school assembly and so I have to go for assembly.
8:00am is when I start my lessons where each lesson takes me around forty minutes.
12:40 noon I go for lunch where it lasts for about 50 minutes.
1:30 pm I go back to class and continue with the remaining lesson up to 4:30 pm.
4:35 pm I go another short break where mostly I take a cup of coffee as I relax for some few minutes. After relaxing, I put on my games attire and go to play my favorite game that is volleyball.
5:30 pm I go for my supper. Where mostly I take ugali with sukumawiki. After taking my supper I go to the library and meditate on what I learnt that day. And also do a research on what I learnt that day.
6:30pm I go for a school service where we have a short moment of singing and praying together as a school.
7:00 pm I start my personal preps where I do my assignment and some revision depending on the time I finish my assignment.
10:00 pm I go to sleep after praying the rosary and also brushing my school shoes and making sure that all my things are in order.

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