Rhea’s routine

Hey everyone,

This is my daily routine of a typical school day in my life! However, depending on the day, the schedule does change around a bit.

6:30 am – I usually set my alarm for 6:30am so I have time to lay in bed for a little while before I start getting ready.
6:40 – 6:50 am – I start getting ready for school – Brushing my teeth, doing my hair and picking out an outfit.
7:10am- I make my bed and get my backpack and everything I need for school ready.
7:20am – I usually use this time to finish up anything I have left to do for homework, and if not I usually am on my phone or watch TV.
7:45am – I start walking to school.
8:05am- I arrive at school.
8:05am- Usually I go to the library to wrap up any last assignments,or hangout with my friends before school starts.
8:20am- I attend my first class, “Perspectives Globales”, which is a french course.
9:40am- I attend my second class, Anatomy and Physiology.
11:03am- I attend my third class, French. I am in French Immersion, meaning I have been speaking French since preschool.
12:30pm- Finally, my last block of the day, which is Chemistry.
1:50pm- I start walking home.
2:10pm- I arrive at home, and the first thing I usually do is play with my dog for a bit. Once I’m done, I make myself something to eat and relax for a bit.
2:40pm- I usually am on my phone for a bit or watch TV.
3:45pm- I start my homework, which I usually get a lot of.
For the rest of the evening, it is hard to pinpoint certain times that I do things because my homework does take me a different amount of time each day. But basically, I do my homework, and usually at some point take a break to eat, and then get back at it. Once I’m done my homework, depending on the time, I either have time to relax for a bit or it’s so late that I just want to go to sleep. It really depends on how much homework I have, but on average, I usually finish at some point between 7-11pm, but has been as early as 6pm and as late as 2am before.
Once I finally do finish my homework, I go to take a shower, brush my teeth, cleanse my face, and then depending on the time, I’ll be on my phone for a bit if it’s not too late, or head straight to bed if it’s late.

Then everything repeats!

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