Purity’s Routine

Hey everyone
My daily routine
I set my alarm at 3:50.When I hear the alarm I always take my time to come out of bed.
I go to the ducks kingdom clad on my apparels.
I settle for morning preps.
I go and gobble my breakfast which is porridge and it’s a very tantalizing meal to me. After I perform my daily school duty where I am allocated perfectly.
I settle for a morning remedial. Then after remedial I prepare for whole day lessons.
I start my lesson with mathematics which my best subject, I enjoy the lesson because I also love my mathematics teacher, she is my best teacher because she makes the lesson lively. I then change from mathematics to English.
I take a break were I get time to chat with my friends and do my personal work
I attend other 2 lessons geography and Kiswahili.
Taking my tea I immediately settle for other three lessons up to 1:00pm when I take my well prepared lunch. I relax and I prepare for the evening sessions. After the evening sessions we groom for games. My best being handball which helps me do enough exercise which helps me achieve a seat in the games department.
6:00-10:00pm I take my supper and settle for night preps where I accomplish my assignments and do my personal studies. At 10:00pm I go to the dormitory and sleep till the following day.

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  1. Hi Purity!

    It was so interesting for me to read your routine and compare it to mine. For an example, I actually wake up around 6:30am and go to sleep at some point after 11pm most days. I have posted my routine if you are interested in looking at it to see the differences as well.
    Rhea Manhas

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