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Am Purity, I have many hobbies but let me talk about handball which is my best
Handball have been my best game since I was young. I guess I was in primary school were I wound enjoy being trained the game. Since then I got the skills and am still training.
Let me explain more about handball, it a game that require 2 teams, one team versing another.in each team it require 7 members, from the 7 members we get the goal keeper, the defence is the area between first line and the second line from the goal and are in form of a (D), in the defence we get 3 players who stand ready to defence the ball from entering the the goal, in the center we get another player playing as the server and besides the person playing in the center there are two players who play as the main players.
we play the game by catching the ball feel it then throw it to your partner in a way he|she can hold it, if no partner to give around you, you can run with it bouncing it up and down until u reach to the scoring point.
there are some rules in the game example no abusing each other, during defencing no catching hands of the person with the ball or the one receiving the ball.
I enjoy playing handball because it help me to exercise my body and after some exercise I feel stress freed and refreshed.Through handball I get to interact with many people from many culture and I learn many value from them and be able to make friendship with many people.Handball is the best game in my life.

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  1. Hello Purity! That’s super cool that you love to play handball. It’s actually a coincidence because I was playing handball at school today! I also really like it. I found it pretty cool because while you were explaining the game I found that some of the rules and things are different from how I have played it before. When I usually play it you can’t run with the ball even if you’re bouncing it you can only take three steps. Next time I play, maybe I’ll try incorporating the bouncing three ball rule! You mentioned that you have been playing handball since you were young, what about it do you think inspired you to continue handball instead of a different sport? Like you, I have met many people in my community through sports. Some of these relationships I still have today from when I first started my sports. Where are you usually when you play handball? Thank you for sharing about your hobby I enjoyed reading about it! 🙂
    Cynthia Quinn

  2. Hi Purity,

    Handball is definitely a really fun sport! I have many memories playing it in my school PE class. I always had to remember that you can’t run with the ball unless you are bouncing it.

    After I exercise I feel totally refreshed and relaxed too! I think exercise is super important for all of us, and it is great that you have found a sport you love that lets you get exercise but have fun at the same time. Like you said, sports specifically is great because not only can we get exercise from playing them, but we meet new people and make friendships along the way! For me, soccer plays a similar role in my life, as I’ve made many friends and memories along the way. Do you have any memories that stand out to you during your time playing handball??

    You mentioned all the positions in handball. Out of the different positions, goalkeeper, defence, server, and main players, which position(s) do you like to play?

    – Madison Ciulla 🙂

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