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hi everyone
Am purity studying at Gatero girl’s. I value education most because I believe education is the key to success.Education also help people to interact with others which leads to promotion of unity among people.It also enable someone to learn new and interesting things.

Am still continuing with my education in high school and am in grade 10 so I will graduate my high school education in the year 2021 and am intending to continue with my education also after school because here in Kenya we believe that education has no end.
In school I like studying biology and mathematics.I like this two subject because they help me to think critically and be aculate in every thing I do.In biology I learn more about respiration, excretion in plant and human being.biology and mathematics are the best subjects to have because they are real and are performed in dairy live.

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  1. Hi Purity,

    I really enjoyed reading your post. I definitely agree with you that education has no end. I believe that it’s one of the most fascinating concepts out there. Even after we finish school, we are constantly learning. Because we are facing different experiences everyday, we regularly develop and strengthen our skills!

    I can see how Science and Mathematics really shaped your education. I enjoy learning about Sciences and Mathematics although it doesn’t necessarily mean I’m good at them. I have a passion for these topics, for the same reasons as you!

    Is there a specific example of an educational experience that you’re really proud of? Are there any academic subjects that you’ve struggled with?

    Alison Wu

  2. Hi Purity,
    I really loved reading your post!
    I find it interesting that you say that in Kenya you believe that education has no end. Does that apply mostly to actual schooling, as in it’s very common to go to school for many years even after your necessary schooling is over? Or is it more along the lines of you should never stop learning in general, no matter the circumstances?
    I’m not very good at biology or math, but I definitely understand what you said about them being very relevant and used in everyday life.
    What subjects do you dislike or have the most trouble with? What kinds of classes do you take? Do you get to choose them or are they all mandatory?
    Looking forward to hearing from you,
    Ellen Piasentin

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