Perpetual’s routine

Hi everybody? Am Perpetuah Nyawira from Loise Nanyuki Girls High School. Am in grade 11 next year 2020 and here is my routine.
I wake at 4:00 am relax a moment before I get out of bed. By 4:10 am out of bed go to bathroom and take a shower go back to dormitory and put on fresh clothes, comb my hair and be neatly dressed like a student ready to learn.
4:40 am I go to class for my morning preps and that time I do revision at least for three subjects up to 6:00am
6:00 am I take my breakfast and be done by 6:30 am
6:30 I do my duties which is cleaning at the dining hall
7:00 I attend my remedial class for one hour
8:00am go to a break for 10 minutes
8:10am I attend two lessons each for forty minutes. After those two lessons I take a short break for ten minutes. Then I go back for other two lessons and after I go to dining hall and take porridge.
11:20 I go back to class and study one of my best subjects which is physics and geography.
12:40 I take my lunch which is githeri.
1:30 pm I have two lessons which is mostly biology and Kiswahili
2:50 pm I take a break for ten minutes.
3:00 pm I have one lesson for forty minutes and a free lesson for other forty minutes
4:20 go to dining hall, take a cup of tea, change uniform, put on my PE kits and go for games.
5:30 go back to dining hall, take my supper and by 6:30 am ready to attend school service.
6:30-7:00 am at service
7:00 pm am at evening preps where I complete my assignment by 8:00 pm.
8:00-8:10 I go for a short break.
8:10-9:30 I go back to class and revise for other subjects rather than the ones I had revised for during morning preps
9:30 I go to discussion groups up to eleven pm
11:00 pm I go to bed.Thats how my routine goes over and over.

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  1. Hi Perpetuah!
    I admire your schedule so much, I have always heard very successful people wake up very early so kudos to you for that.
    But I can’t believe that you prep at 4:40 in the morning! Insane! How do you keep that up, and how do you not get tired of it?
    Thanks for posting, and I hope to hear more from you 🙂

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