Matthew’s routine

Hello, I am going to talk about my time at school:

8:20 – 9:40: I have woodworking class, in this class we cut, sand, and shape wood to make different things. The last thing we made was a folding stool.
9:44 – 11:03: I have mt communications class, in this class we practice different forms of communication in French. This is my least favorite class of the whole day.
11:07 – 12:26: This is my lunch block, in this block I eat my lunch and play video games on my computer with my friend. The worst part about this block is the sad moment when the bell rings at the end of the block.
12:30 – 1:49: This is my English block, right now we are writing a short story and developing characters to use in those stories.
1:53 – 3:12: This is my science block, right now we are doing biology. I really hate biology because it involves a lot of memorization which is something I’m not good at. Though I hate biology, science is still my favorite class this semester.

That’s the end of my school day.

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  1. Coming back to this thread and reading the other replies, I am surprised to see just how similar our routines are! Considering we all live in the same area, I expected to have some similarities with our day-to-day lives; however, the degree to which we can relate to each other is astounding!

    I look forward to hearing some routines of those who do not live in Canada so we can compare and contrast.
    Heeva Chavoshi

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