Lucy’s routine

Hey everyone, am Lucy Wacera from St. Augustine Sirima secondary school. This is my school day routine.
The bell rings and I wake up. I have a shower and prepares myself.
I go to class for my morning preps.
I take my breakfast and I do my school duty.
I go for preps where I may be having a lesson mostly mathematics or chemistry.
I attend the first three lessons which are forty minutes each. After this, i have a tea break for twenty minutes.
I go back to class for two lessons after which I have a short break which is usually ten minutes. After this I attend two more lessons up to 1:00pm and then I go for lunch for one hour.
I go back to class for two lessons which are somehow tiring but I have to attend.
I take my tea and wash my clothes for one hour and then I go to the field for games. I usually play table tennis which is my favorite game. Sometimes I play basketball.
I take my dinner which is very delicious. After this, I go to class for a lesson which is one and half an hour.
I go to sleep. My routine continues the same every day.

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  1. Hi Lucy!
    This is Ms. Illes’ grade 5 class at Langley Fine Arts School. You have a very busy schedule! It seems like you don’t have many breaks or free time. It is hard to believe that you get up so early, Most of us get up between 6:30 and 8:00. We admire how hard you work each day to study and achieve your goals. In grade 5, we have about 45 min – 1 hour of homework per week, which usually includes math, spelling or studying for a quiz.

    Most of us love basketball too! Other activities we enjoy in our free time are: dance, figure skating, hockey, softball/baseball, playing guitar or other instruments, riding scooters, making crafts, gymnastics and playing Pokemon.

    We have a question for you: What is your school duty in the morning?

  2. Hey Lucy!
    Wow, you have such a busy day! Your schedule is very different from my own! I wake up at around 6:30am and go to sleep around 11pm or later and that in itself is a large difference already!
    A similarity I noticed however is that you mentioned you sometimes play basketball, I actually play basketball too! I practice once a week and have a game once a week as well.
    I really enjoyed reading your routine and comparing and contrasting our day to day lives!
    Rhea Manhas

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