Loise’s routine

Hey everyone I am Naisula Loise from Ndururumo High and this is my routine at school.
We are always woken up by the school matron and take a cold shower. I then prepare myself and spread my bed.
I am in class studying or doing my assignments. Most times I enjoy doing sums in mathematics and Chemistry.
I prefer doing moles in chemistry to avoid sleeping during preps time since there are consequences if you sleep.
I take my breakfast.
I do my duties which is to clean our dormitory.
I am settled in class and the teacher comes into class and we study for an hour.
I attend the assembly and we sing the school, national, and east African anthem. We are then advised and we go back to class.
I go for lunch break we I take a mixture of corns and beans. I also chat with my friends during the break or discus to topic I did not understand. Sometimes I also sleep if I am bored.
We go back to class and we start our lessons.
I go to the field and I play basketball. I also chat with friends or just have some moments alone.
I go for supper which I take ugali and cabbage.
6:30pm I go to preps and I do my assignments and I discuss with my friends the hard topics.

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  1. hi Naisula! when I was reading you’re routines I thought it was really funny that you use chemistry moles to stay awake in the morning because I’ve recently learnt about moles and equations keep me up at night when I’m trying to sleep! and wow! you wake up incredibly early!! I wake up at 7 on weekdays and usually wake up at 12pm on weekends, do you ever get to sleep in on weekends?
    Ella Wood

  2. hi naisula! i really enjoyed reading your daily routine. reading this made me realize how much time their is in the day to get things done. i often find myself struggling to get things such as school work or chores. i realized how much time i waste on little things that are useless or unimportant. you seem like you are on the go all day and never has a second to waste. i hope after reading this i can be more efficient and have better time management skills.
    Noah Berg

    • Hi Noahberg hope your fine?
      thanks for you reply.Which grade are you in?what do you enjoy reading during your free time?what you best music?sang by who?
      i enjoy listening to hiphop and R&B by pot malone and maroon 5
      am looking forwad for your reply.

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