Heeva’s routine

Hey everyone!

So in this comment, I’m going to walk you through my daily routine for school.

7:25 – My alarm wakes me up at this time and I usually roll around in bed for a few minutes before I actually get up and start my day.

7:30 – I head on over to the bathroom, brush my teeth, and put my contacts in. If I was too lazy to wash my face the night before I do it now.

7:35 – I put on my outfit which I usually choose the night before. At my school, we do not wear uniforms, so I have some options for my clothes. I then proceed to do my makeup and brush my hair.

7:50 – I head downstairs and eat breakfast with my parents.

8:00 – My mom and I head out the door. She drops me off at school and I usually get there at 8:15. I have my first block off so I usually study in the morning until block 2.

9:44 – My first class starts. This semester, I have physics at this time. Each class is 80 minutes long, so the block ends at 11:00.

11:03 – I have my lunch block (block 3). I spend my lunches in the Math Tutorial Room with my friends where we socialize and study together.

12:30 – The fourth block and my second class of the day. I have Law this block (which I really love learning about!)

1:49 – My last class of the day! English! This is definitely my favourite class of the day.

3:12 – The bell rings to dismiss us at this time. After school, my schedule varies. Sometimes, I go to a coffee shop to study with friends, go to my volunteer jobs, or wait for my mom to pick me up at school.

4:45 – I usually get home around this time if I don’t have volunteering after school. I take a break for an hour, eat a snack, and play with my dog before going back to studying.

5:45-7:45 – Study time! I take periodic breaks during this time, but mostly I am busy studying.

8:00 – We eat a fairly late dinner around this time. I always make sure to clear the table and wash the dishes. Afterwards, I start winding down for the night. I wash my face, get into my pyjamas, and maybe call one of my friends to talk for a little while. If I have any more homework left, I will also finish it after dinner.

To be completely honest, I do spend quite a bit of time on my phone before bed which is super unhealthy. It is definitely a habit I am trying to break!

10:30-11:00 – This is around the time I go to bed. Then I repeat everything all over again!

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  1. Hi Heeva

    I really like your routine that I even wish that here in Kenya we had the same routine.I am sure at the end of the day you are not tried like us but I thank God I already got used to our routine.

    • Hi Beth!

      I just read your daily routine and I am amazed at how early you wake up! Is it difficult to wake up so early in the morning or are you used to it? If you could choose the perfect time to wake up every day, would it be different?

      • At the start it was difficult for me to wake up that early but with time I got used to it.If I would be given a chance I would make sure I did not have to wake up that early so that I could have more time to rest.

  2. Hi Heeva,
    Thank you for sharing your routine.I see that yours is not as tight as mine.How many lessons do you have in a day?
    Do you have break time?Do you have group discussions?I also chat when the school is closed.(during holidays)

    _JACKLINE Wanjiku

    • Yes, your routine is definitely much tighter than mine! In one day, I only have three classes. I am at school from 8AM-3PM and I am lucky enough to have two breaks in the day, each 80 minutes long. In class, we definitely do lots of group discussions and I chat with my friends in groups during my break time. Thanks for the comment!
      Heeva Chavoshi

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