Hannah’s routine

Hi everyone:
Here is my daily routine :
I set my alarm at 3:45am so as not to be late for my classes and say a short prayer to start my day with God.
4:00-430am-I go to the bathroom to take a cold shower, in school we bathe with cold water. I go back to prepare myself for the day by combing my hair and putting on
My school uniform. I also brush my teeth and refresh myself for the day.
4:30-6:00am-I settle for my morning preps. This is the time to finish my assignment or if I have no assignment I take the opportunity to
Do my revision (personal studies) and read ahead of the teacher or repeat what I did not understand in the previous lessons.
6:00-7:40am-I go for breakfast where we take porridge. I go to do my duties where I am allocated. My duty is cleaning the class. After
Duties I go and do a bit of exercise to refresh my mind and be ready for class.
7:40-8:00am-I go to class to prepare or sometimes at this time we go for assembly for school announcements.
8:00-9:20am-I attend my first lesson which is mathematics. This is my favorite subject because it involves playing with numbers and I also enjoy the lesson
Because I love the teacher and I have a positive attitude towards the subject.
9:20-9:30am-I take a short break to refresh my mind and chat a little with my friends about the lesson or a short story
Before the bell for the next lesson goes and before the next teacher comes to class I prepare myself for the next lesson.
9:30-10:50am-I attend another two lessons (Biology and C.R.E) before long break.
10:50-11:20am-I go for tea break and to relax for a while before attending
The next lessons. After tea at 11:20-1:20pm I go back to class to attend another three lessons (English, Kiswahili and chemistry).
1:20-1:50pm- I go for lunch and relax my mind a bit.
1:50-3:30pm-I attend another three lessons (Geography, History and Agriculture).
3:30-6:00pm-I go for games or go to wash my clothes because at this time it’s free time so you can do something you like.
6:00-7:00pm-I go for supper and relax my body before going for night preps.
7:00-10:00pm-I go for night preps for personal studies or a discussion. So I have the time to finish my assignment.
10:00-I go for coffee and then go to bed waiting for the following day.

Hannah Njeri

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