Christine’s routine

My school routine is as follows:
4:00-4:30am -I wake up and prepare myself for class. I Take a shower, brush my hair and teeth, and put every
thing in order in the dormitory since I will not get a chance to go back.
4:30-6:00am-I go to class for morning studies, which is difficult for many students to concentrate in class,
But for a focus student like I, one has to be serious.
6:30-8:00am-I do my personal studies and any assignment from the previous day.
8:00-10:50-we take three lessons for different subjects, each taking forty minutes, but sometimes we can
Have a double lesson for the same subject which takes eighty minutes. After those lessons
we take a break of 20 minutes.
11:10-1:00-I go back to class for four lessons, I take Mathematics, English, Kiswahili, History, Christian
Religion Education, Chemistry, Biology and Business studies, therefore I take the subject as
the timetable.
1:00-2:00-I go for lunch.
2:00-4:00-I take three other lessons before leaving for games at four. I participate in football so I
Refresh my mind by playing games.
6:00 -6:30-I take my supper
7:00-9:00-I do my personal studies as well as my assignments
9:00-Go to bed early in order to start the following day early.
That is how busy my school routine is.

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  1. Wow Christine that is a crazy full day. Its amazing you can keep that up. I’m Mr. Martin a teacher at Queen Elizabeth Secondary. I had the pleasure of going Kenya last Summer and loved it. We started up a Pa-moja club at my school just 2 weeks ago. I have a group of young women running a school store to raise money for the scholarship students. So far they have been too shy to post but I hope they get a little braver and do tomorrow. I thinknwe are having a skype chat on Thursday our time and look forward to seeing and chatting with you. As for my day let me take you through it.
    715am wake up
    730 to 8am walk dog
    8-820 drive to Queen Elizabeth
    830 to 1115 teach Boys and girls Physical Education
    1115 to 12pm Lunch, Work in Pamoja school (only Tuesday and Thursdays)
    12pm to 3pm Teach Geography and P.E
    330 to 430 get new tires on my wifes car
    6pm to 8pm Coach Girls Basketball
    9pm to 11pm My own personal Soccer (Football practice)
    12am write this post in bed on my phone.
    This is not a typical day. This would be considered very busy maybe only 1 or 2 days a week this crazy. 😨
    Talk to ya in a few days
    Mr. Martin

    • Hey Mr Martin, thanks for sharing our routine with me
      you also do have a busy day.I am looking forward to Skype call you tomorrow and also see the post of the young ladies .THANKS SO MUCH.
      Christine Santa

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