Beth’s routine

Hey everyone. I am Beth Wanjiku and this is my daily routine when I am back in school during weekdays. I am in a boarding school so I wake up very early but on weekends it changes.
I usually set my alarm at 3.30.It is a little hard for me to wake up but I have to. After waking up I make the bed.
I am out to fetch water for a shower. It takes about twenty minutes to fetch water and take a bath. I put on my uniform, brush my teeth, do my hair and brush my shoes.
I get settled in class ready for morning prep. This is the time I finish my assignments and do revision on at least one of my subjects.
I join my schoolmates for breakfast.
This the time we do duties, we usually clean our dormitories, the corridors, classrooms and the compound. This is one of my hectic moments of the day, I have never liked it but I just have to do it.
At this time I attend the remedial lessons before starting the lessons of the day at 8.00 am.
We usually have a short break and also prepare for the lessons.
I go for my first two lesson each taking forty minutes and a short break for ten minutes.
I attend my third and fourth lessons and at this time one starts to get tired but I just try to overcome sleep.
10.50am-1.00 pm
At this time I don’t have lessons so I just relax with friends.
I go to the dining hall for lunch.
I have my last three lessons.
I change into games attire and go to the field for games. Here I am able to rest my mind and talk to friends as we play.
I go to the dining hall for supper I also take a shower.
I get settled in class for preps. I also do some of my assignment at this time.
I am back in the dormitory, I put on my pajamas and retire to bed.
Then I repeat everything all over again!

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