My Before Bed Routine.

Hi Everyone!

My name is Ella Sun, I am currently a Grade 10 International student attending Langley Fine Arts School.

Today I wanted to participate in the PA-MOJA week by sharing my before bed routine!

I’ve been trying to adjust my sleep schedule recently, so this routine is still not as stable as I’d like it to. But this routine keeps me grounded, feeling present, and alive.

My night time routine would usually start around 8:30~9:30PM.

8:30~8:35PM I start my routine by cleaning my room, (I also pack my school bag for the next day while I’m at it.) I think how clean or messy my room is can be an accurate representation of my headspace. (And overall, having a clean room just puts me in a better mood) My room never gets overwhelmingly messy on a normal day, so it doesn’t take long to clean.

8:35~8:50PM I go to the washroom for my skincare. Somedays I’d do a facemask and a whole routine, but to be honest. Most of the days I just feel like simple washing my face and that’s it.

8:50~9:20PM I go to the kitchen and boil water for tea, I’ve been really liking mint tea lately!

9:20~9:50PM I bring the tea to my room with me. Then I usually take 30 minutes to jot down quotes from the book I read during the day. I like keeping a notebook just for reading, to record quotes I find meaningful from books (or stories, movies, TED talks, it could be anything I find inspiring!).

9:50~10:20PM I then read for another half an hour, still recording quotes and my thoughts along the way.

10:20~11:00PM I would do a bunch of small tasks during this time, for example, putting my reading notebook away, cleaning up my desk, getting water.. Just a bunch of little, random things that has to be done.

11:00~11:30PM Around this time, I’d finally feel sleepy and go to sleep!

(I forgot to mention, this whole routine is phone-free, phones can be extremely distracting and even addicting for teenagers. In a way, phone distracts me from my emotions and detaches my thoughts, it’s always good to stay present! Phone can be a great useful tool if it’s handled correctly! )

This is it!  Thank you for reading all the way to the end! I’d love to hear your thoughts, feel free to leave me a comment!


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