Trizah Gatwiri

I am Trizah Gatwiri  i am open communicative although independent, i am far from being unsociable. However i like to maintain relationships with friends promoting me to have knowledge of environment thus i promote alternate between needs of social exchanges and loneliness. I am 20 years old i school at Sweetwaters secondary school. I am gifted in writing. What might surprise you about me is the passion of politics i really love politics and maybe one day i will be a politician.

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  1. Hello!

    My name is Daeun and it’s really nice to get to know you. I think it is cool that you are good at writing because I love reading other people’s writings but I’m not very used to write something. Is there any writing styles that you like to write in particular? Such as stories, poems, or writing about politics?

  2. Hi Trizah
    I am very happy and grateful for knowing a little bit about you.For me it is so unfortunate that you like politics but as you said may be one day one time you will be a politician.Am waiting for your next post.All the best to you.

  3. Hi Trizah!

    Thanks for telling us a little bit about yourself!! I think it’s super cool that you have a passion for politics. Is there any category of politics in particular that your are especially interested in??

    Also, do you like creative writing? Academic writing? Maybe Poetic writing? Or maybe a little bit of everything? I think it’s awesome you enjoy writing!
    I always enjoys writing poetry or short stories in my English class, however, I always find it hard to write. I am not the best writer, and for this reason I enjoy reading the writing of others more than writing on my own.

    It is nice to meet you!

    – Madison Ciulla

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