Dec 2019 Topic: Routines


This topic is open to everyone who is online during the PA-MOJA week from Dec 2-6 (and after as well).

The goal is for everyone to address the question themselves, but then also leave comments in response to the responses of others so that everyone can learn about each other.

ROUTINES TOPIC: Pick one thing in your daily routine and describe it in detail (for example: waking up routine, hair care, cleaning clothes, getting food for meals, making meals, eating a meal, cleaning, going to bed routine, etc).

Please be as specific as possible so others from different places or situations can really understand what you do during this activity.

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  1. Hi Heeva,

    At the start it was difficult for me to wake up that early but with time I got used to it.If I would be given a chance I would make sure I did not have to wake up that early so that I could have more time to rest.

  2. Hi everybody? Am Perpetuah Nyawira from Loise Nanyuki Girls High School. Am in grade 11 next year 2020 and here is my routine.
    I wake at 4:00 am relax a moment before I get out of bed. By 4:10 am out of bed go to bathroom and take a shower go back to dormitory and put on fresh clothes, comb my hair and be neatly dressed like a student ready to learn.
    4:40 am I go to class for my morning preps and that time I do revision at least for three subjects up to 6:00am
    6:00 am I take my breakfast and be done by 6:30 am
    6:30 I do my duties which is cleaning at the dining hall
    7:00 I attend my remedial class for one hour
    8:00am go to a break for 10 minutes
    8:10am I attend two lessons each for forty minutes. After those two lessons I take a short break for ten minutes. Then I go back for other two lessons and after I go to dining hall and take porridge.
    11:20 I go back to class and study one of my best subjects which is physics and geography.
    12:40 I take my lunch which is githeri.
    1:30 pm I have two lessons which is mostly biology and Kiswahili
    2:50 pm I take a break for ten minutes.
    3:00 pm I have one lesson for forty minutes and a free lesson for other forty minutes
    4:20 go to dining hall, take a cup of tea, change uniform, put on my PE kits and go for games.
    5:30 go back to dining hall, take my supper and by 6:30 am ready to attend school service.
    6:30-7:00 am at service
    7:00 pm am at evening preps where I complete my assignment by 8:00 pm.
    8:00-8:10 I go for a short break.
    8:10-9:30 I go back to class and revise for other subjects rather than the ones I had revised for during morning preps
    9:30 I go to discussion groups up to eleven pm
    11:00 pm I go to bed.Thats how my routine goes over and over.

  3. hi Shieva,
    Your day since to be well used and am happy for sharing with me our dairy routine.From our routine I have also realize that you love listening to music as I do but for me I only listen to music at home during the holiday because am in a boarding school and we are not allowed to carry any musical instrument in school.thank you for share with me our routine

  4. Hi Heeva

    I really like your routine that I even wish that here in Kenya we had the same routine.I am sure at the end of the day you are not tried like us but I thank God I already got used to our routine.

    • Hi Beth!

      I just read your daily routine and I am amazed at how early you wake up! Is it difficult to wake up so early in the morning or are you used to it? If you could choose the perfect time to wake up every day, would it be different?

  5. Hey everyone
    My daily routine
    I set my alarm at 3:50.When I hear the alarm I always take my time to come out of bed.
    I go to the ducks kingdom clad on my apparels.
    I settle for morning preps.
    I go and gobble my breakfast which is porridge and it’s a very tantalizing meal to me. After I perform my daily school duty where I am allocated perfectly.
    I settle for a morning remedial. Then after remedial I prepare for whole day lessons.
    I start my lesson with mathematics which my best subject, I enjoy the lesson because I also love my mathematics teacher, she is my best teacher because she makes the lesson lively. I then change from mathematics to English.
    I take a break were I get time to chat with my friends and do my personal work
    I attend other 2 lessons geography and Kiswahili.
    Taking my tea I immediately settle for other three lessons up to 1:00pm when I take my well prepared lunch. I relax and I prepare for the evening sessions. After the evening sessions we groom for games. My best being handball which helps me do enough exercise which helps me achieve a seat in the games department.
    6:00-10:00pm I take my supper and settle for night preps where I accomplish my assignments and do my personal studies. At 10:00pm I go to the dormitory and sleep till the following day.

    • Hi Purity!

      It was so interesting for me to read your routine and compare it to mine. For an example, I actually wake up around 6:30am and go to sleep at some point after 11pm most days. I have posted my routine if you are interested in looking at it to see the differences as well.

  6. Hey everyone I am Naisula Loise from Ndururumo High and this is my routine at school.
    We are always woken up by the school matron and take a cold shower. I then prepare myself and spread my bed.
    I am in class studying or doing my assignments. Most times I enjoy doing sums in mathematics and Chemistry.
    I prefer doing moles in chemistry to avoid sleeping during preps time since there are consequences if you sleep.
    I take my breakfast.
    I do my duties which is to clean our dormitory.
    I am settled in class and the teacher comes into class and we study for an hour.
    I attend the assembly and we sing the school, national, and east African anthem. We are then advised and we go back to class.
    I go for lunch break we I take a mixture of corns and beans. I also chat with my friends during the break or discus to topic I did not understand. Sometimes I also sleep if I am bored.
    We go back to class and we start our lessons.
    I go to the field and I play basketball. I also chat with friends or just have some moments alone.
    I go for supper which I take ugali and cabbage.
    6:30pm I go to preps and I do my assignments and I discuss with my friends the hard topics.

    • hi naisula! i really enjoyed reading your daily routine. reading this made me realize how much time their is in the day to get things done. i often find myself struggling to get things such as school work or chores. i realized how much time i waste on little things that are useless or unimportant. you seem like you are on the go all day and never has a second to waste. i hope after reading this i can be more efficient and have better time management skills.

      • Hi Noahberg hope your fine?
        thanks for you reply.Which grade are you in?what do you enjoy reading during your free time?what you best music?sang by who?
        i enjoy listening to hiphop and R&B by pot malone and maroon 5
        am looking forwad for your reply.

    • hi Naisula! when I was reading you’re routines I thought it was really funny that you use chemistry moles to stay awake in the morning because I’ve recently learnt about moles and equations keep me up at night when I’m trying to sleep! and wow! you wake up incredibly early!! I wake up at 7 on weekdays and usually wake up at 12pm on weekends, do you ever get to sleep in on weekends?

  7. Hey everyone, am Lucy Wacera from St. Augustine Sirima secondary school. This is my school day routine.
    The bell rings and I wake up. I have a shower and prepares myself.
    I go to class for my morning preps.
    I take my breakfast and I do my school duty.
    I go for preps where I may be having a lesson mostly mathematics or chemistry.
    I attend the first three lessons which are forty minutes each. After this, i have a tea break for twenty minutes.
    I go back to class for two lessons after which I have a short break which is usually ten minutes. After this I attend two more lessons up to 1:00pm and then I go for lunch for one hour.
    I go back to class for two lessons which are somehow tiring but I have to attend.
    I take my tea and wash my clothes for one hour and then I go to the field for games. I usually play table tennis which is my favorite game. Sometimes I play basketball.
    I take my dinner which is very delicious. After this, I go to class for a lesson which is one and half an hour.
    I go to sleep. My routine continues the same every day.

    • Hey Lucy!
      Wow, you have such a busy day! Your schedule is very different from my own! I wake up at around 6:30am and go to sleep around 11pm or later and that in itself is a large difference already!
      A similarity I noticed however is that you mentioned you sometimes play basketball, I actually play basketball too! I practice once a week and have a game once a week as well.
      I really enjoyed reading your routine and comparing and contrasting our day to day lives!

    Hi, I am Rose Nkoisila and am in Loise Nanyuki Girls Secondary School. I am in grade 11. My school is a Boarding school and therefore I have a fixed routine. I normally try my best to keep time in order for me to follow my routine well.
    4:00 am is my waking time. Where I wake up immediately when the bell goes and take a moment to thank God for the new day I have seen.
    4:05am I make my bed and put on my towel ready to take a shower.
    4:12 am is usually the time I finish my personal cleaning i.e. bathing, brushing my teeth and cleaning my clothes.
    4:20 am I go back to the dorm and put on my uniform and also do my hair that is after hanging my clothes.
    4:30am I am always in class ready for a group discussion we had formed with my friends where we concentrate on subjects challenging us. We do our discussion for one hour.
    5:30am we disperse and I start a personal studies up to around 6:10 am.
    At around 6:10am I go to the dining hall to have my breakfast. After there I go to supervise the duties around the school compound.
    6:50 am I come back to class and take a moment to prepare myself to start the lessons. I prepare myself for the day by arranging my books depending on how the subjects follow each other in the time table.
    7:45am I go for a short break and sometimes we have school assembly and so I have to go for assembly.
    8:00am is when I start my lessons where each lesson takes me around forty minutes.
    12:40 noon I go for lunch where it lasts for about 50 minutes.
    1:30 pm I go back to class and continue with the remaining lesson up to 4:30 pm.
    4:35 pm I go another short break where mostly I take a cup of coffee as I relax for some few minutes. After relaxing, I put on my games attire and go to play my favorite game that is volleyball.
    5:30 pm I go for my supper. Where mostly I take ugali with sukumawiki. After taking my supper I go to the library and meditate on what I learnt that day. And also do a research on what I learnt that day.
    6:30pm I go for a school service where we have a short moment of singing and praying together as a school.
    7:00 pm I start my personal preps where I do my assignment and some revision depending on the time I finish my assignment.
    10:00 pm I go to sleep after praying the rosary and also brushing my school shoes and making sure that all my things are in order.

  9. Hae everyone. I am Jackline Gitahi. I school in St Augustine Sirima Secondary School. It is a boarding school. This is my school routine;
    4.00am-I usually set my alarm at 4.00am.I pray and then I wake up. I then make sure that my bed is well spread.
    4.05am-I remove my night dress .I tie on my towel and go to the bathroom. I take a shower which is as cold as an ice.
    4.15-At this time I am through. I put on my uniform, comb my hair and brush my teeth.
    4.25am-I walk out and attend morning preps.
    4.30-5.45am; this is my best time to study and to do revision. I study seriously and also finish my assignments.
    5.45-6.00; this is the time we take our breakfast.
    6.00-6.30am; this is the time we do our duties which include cleaning our dormitories, toilets, the environment, classrooms and other places.
    6.30-7.30am-I attend the remedial lesson where we do revision and also continue with the syllabus.
    7.40-8.00-This is the time where we have a short break.
    8.00-this is the time where we start our lessons.
    8.00-10.00-I attend my first three lessons each taking forty minutes.
    10.00-10.20-this is the time when we leave class for tea break.
    10.20—11.40am-I attend other two lessons each taking forty minutes.
    11.50-1.10pm-I attend other two lessons each taking forty minutes.
    1.10-2.10PM-I go to the dining hall for lunch.
    2.10-3.30pm-I attend other two lessons each taking forty minutes.
    4.30-5.30pm-this is the time when I remove the uniform and wear game skirts ready to go to the field for games. I join the handball team where I play until I get to relax.
    5.30-6.00pm-This is the time when I take a shower to refresh.
    6.00-7.00pm-This is the time when we take dinner.
    7.00-9.30pm-I attend evening preps.
    9.30pm-I go in the dormitory, put on my night dress, clean my uniform and then go to bed where I spend my night.

  10. Hey everyone. I am Beth Wanjiku and this is my daily routine when I am back in school during weekdays. I am in a boarding school so I wake up very early but on weekends it changes.
    I usually set my alarm at 3.30.It is a little hard for me to wake up but I have to. After waking up I make the bed.
    I am out to fetch water for a shower. It takes about twenty minutes to fetch water and take a bath. I put on my uniform, brush my teeth, do my hair and brush my shoes.
    I get settled in class ready for morning prep. This is the time I finish my assignments and do revision on at least one of my subjects.
    I join my schoolmates for breakfast.
    This the time we do duties, we usually clean our dormitories, the corridors, classrooms and the compound. This is one of my hectic moments of the day, I have never liked it but I just have to do it.
    At this time I attend the remedial lessons before starting the lessons of the day at 8.00 am.
    We usually have a short break and also prepare for the lessons.
    I go for my first two lesson each taking forty minutes and a short break for ten minutes.
    I attend my third and fourth lessons and at this time one starts to get tired but I just try to overcome sleep.
    10.50am-1.00 pm
    At this time I don’t have lessons so I just relax with friends.
    I go to the dining hall for lunch.
    I have my last three lessons.
    I change into games attire and go to the field for games. Here I am able to rest my mind and talk to friends as we play.
    I go to the dining hall for supper I also take a shower.
    I get settled in class for preps. I also do some of my assignment at this time.
    I am back in the dormitory, I put on my pajamas and retire to bed.
    Then I repeat everything all over again!

  11. Hi everyone:
    Here is my daily routine :
    I set my alarm at 3:45am so as not to be late for my classes and say a short prayer to start my day with God.
    4:00-430am-I go to the bathroom to take a cold shower, in school we bathe with cold water. I go back to prepare myself for the day by combing my hair and putting on
    My school uniform. I also brush my teeth and refresh myself for the day.
    4:30-6:00am-I settle for my morning preps. This is the time to finish my assignment or if I have no assignment I take the opportunity to
    Do my revision (personal studies) and read ahead of the teacher or repeat what I did not understand in the previous lessons.
    6:00-7:40am-I go for breakfast where we take porridge. I go to do my duties where I am allocated. My duty is cleaning the class. After
    Duties I go and do a bit of exercise to refresh my mind and be ready for class.
    7:40-8:00am-I go to class to prepare or sometimes at this time we go for assembly for school announcements.
    8:00-9:20am-I attend my first lesson which is mathematics. This is my favorite subject because it involves playing with numbers and I also enjoy the lesson
    Because I love the teacher and I have a positive attitude towards the subject.
    9:20-9:30am-I take a short break to refresh my mind and chat a little with my friends about the lesson or a short story
    Before the bell for the next lesson goes and before the next teacher comes to class I prepare myself for the next lesson.
    9:30-10:50am-I attend another two lessons (Biology and C.R.E) before long break.
    10:50-11:20am-I go for tea break and to relax for a while before attending
    The next lessons. After tea at 11:20-1:20pm I go back to class to attend another three lessons (English, Kiswahili and chemistry).
    1:20-1:50pm- I go for lunch and relax my mind a bit.
    1:50-3:30pm-I attend another three lessons (Geography, History and Agriculture).
    3:30-6:00pm-I go for games or go to wash my clothes because at this time it’s free time so you can do something you like.
    6:00-7:00pm-I go for supper and relax my body before going for night preps.
    7:00-10:00pm-I go for night preps for personal studies or a discussion. So I have the time to finish my assignment.
    10:00-I go for coffee and then go to bed waiting for the following day.

    • Hey Hannah!

      I really enjoyed reading your daily routine – it was very interesting to compare mine and yours together. I noticed that you, along with many other people, stated that you go to bed at 10:00. Do you always go to bed at this time or are there nights that you go to bed earlier or later?

  12. Hi everyone this is my daily school routine:
    4.00: The alarm rings and I turn several times before waking up.
    4.10 -4.40: I head to the bathroom and take a shower comb my hair and polish my shoes if I was too lazy to do it last night .I also brush my teeth at this time.
    4.40-4.55: I put on my school outfit, and quickly make my bed not to be late for morning preps.
    5.00-5.05: I quickly run to the classrooms for my morning preps and prepare to take my studies throughout the day
    5.10-6.00: I do my assignment and also polish up in writing notes. I also take personal studies during this time and also at some points take group discussions with my friends and groupmates.
    6.05-6.30: I run downstairs make a queue ready to take my breakfast. I run to the dining hall take my breakfast quickly to save time maybe to go and clean my school clothes and get ready to start my duties.
    6.35-7.00: I head to the washrooms this is where am located to perform my duties. After about 20 minutes I am through with my duties. I afterwards hang out with friend as we wait for the whole day lessons to start.
    7.00-8.00: we all get in class and settle for our remedial lessons that take just an hour .When it’s already 8.00 the bell rings and the normal lesson get in session.
    8.00-9.20: I get into my first lesson biology which is my best indeed. I love the biology teacher because she is jovial and teaches very lively. I also love biology because it carries my career and I understand it better.
    9.20-9.30: I take a short break to prepare for my next lesson .we also chat with friends about the past lessons and hangout waiting for the next lesson.
    9.30-11.00: we go back to class for the next two lessons English and history .They are so enjoyable to learn because history is all about stories and I enjoy that. We then break for tea break .this is the break I enjoy most because I like tea very much.
    11.00-1.00: we get in class for geography and Kiswahili. I love this subject because Kiswahili is our national language and I feel proud of this. The lunch bell rings and we go for lunch.
    1.00-2.0 :we take our well prepared lunch as we chat with friends. We also get time to rest and refresh our minds.
    2.10-3.00 we go for afternoon lessons (physical education and religious education) I enjoy physical education most.
    3.00-4.oo: at this time we are always free and we go to field or to clean our clothes or do what you feel like doing.
    4.00-5.30: taking super and doing the cleaning in the dining hall.
    5.30-7.00: we go for church service for about 2 hours before going for night preps.
    7.00-9.0:0night preps and group discussion and personal revision
    9.30: we go to sleep and maybe do some personal studies in the study room or maybe polish your shoes to prepare for the next day.
    The day ends and repeats its self the following day!!

    My school routine is as follows:
    4:00-4:30am -I wake up and prepare myself for class. I Take a shower, brush my hair and teeth, and put every
    thing in order in the dormitory since I will not get a chance to go back.
    4:30-6:00am-I go to class for morning studies, which is difficult for many students to concentrate in class,
    But for a focus student like I, one has to be serious.
    6:30-8:00am-I do my personal studies and any assignment from the previous day.
    8:00-10:50-we take three lessons for different subjects, each taking forty minutes, but sometimes we can
    Have a double lesson for the same subject which takes eighty minutes. After those lessons
    we take a break of 20 minutes.
    11:10-1:00-I go back to class for four lessons, I take Mathematics, English, Kiswahili, History, Christian
    Religion Education, Chemistry, Biology and Business studies, therefore I take the subject as
    the timetable.
    1:00-2:00-I go for lunch.
    2:00-4:00-I take three other lessons before leaving for games at four. I participate in football so I
    Refresh my mind by playing games.
    6:00 -6:30-I take my supper
    7:00-9:00-I do my personal studies as well as my assignments
    9:00-Go to bed early in order to start the following day early.
    That is how busy my school routine is.

    • Wow Christine that is a crazy full day. Its amazing you can keep that up. I’m Mr. Martin a teacher at Queen Elizabeth Secondary. I had the pleasure of going Kenya last Summer and loved it. We started up a Pa-moja club at my school just 2 weeks ago. I have a group of young women running a school store to raise money for the scholarship students. So far they have been too shy to post but I hope they get a little braver and do tomorrow. I thinknwe are having a skype chat on Thursday our time and look forward to seeing and chatting with you. As for my day let me take you through it.
      715am wake up
      730 to 8am walk dog
      8-820 drive to Queen Elizabeth
      830 to 1115 teach Boys and girls Physical Education
      1115 to 12pm Lunch, Work in Pamoja school (only Tuesday and Thursdays)
      12pm to 3pm Teach Geography and P.E
      330 to 430 get new tires on my wifes car
      6pm to 8pm Coach Girls Basketball
      9pm to 11pm My own personal Soccer (Football practice)
      12am write this post in bed on my phone.
      This is not a typical day. This would be considered very busy maybe only 1 or 2 days a week this crazy. 😨
      Talk to ya in a few days
      Mr. Martin

      • Hey Mr Martin, thanks for sharing our routine with me
        you also do have a busy day.I am looking forward to Skype call you tomorrow and also see the post of the young ladies .THANKS SO MUCH.

  14. As Heeva said, all the routines are so similar! That’s expected however since we all go to the same school so our blocks line up. We probably have some teachers in common as well, making it even more similar!!

    I’m curious to see how our routines differ from everyone else’s!

  15. Hello!

    Here is my daily routine:)

    6:00- my alarm goes off and I get out of bed. I grab my glasses and phone, turn on some music and head to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face.

    6:10- I put on my clothes and pack my backpack

    6:20- I head downstairs to the kitchen to get my breakfast from my fridge. I’ll usually eat a yogurt bowl with granola and fruit but if I’m feeling creative I’ll make a breakfast sandwich or French toast.

    6:35- I then grab my lunch from the fridge and my bags and leave my house and head for the gym.

    6:45- I am at the gym working out.

    7:55- I change into my school clothes.

    8:14- I make it school. I quickly grab what I need from my locker and leave my jacket then head upstairs to English.

    8:15- I’m in English.

    9:40- I head downstairs to the change rooms for gym class. I change and meet my class in the gym.

    9:44- I’m in gym class.

    11:03- gym class ends. I change back into my clothes, wash my hands, grab my lunch from my locker, and sit with my friends in our spot. I try to get all of my English homework that I got in block one done in my lunch block. If I find that something stressed my out too much in the day I will meditate (for like 5 mins). Then I eat my lunch. I’ll always have cheese, crackers, and grapes.

    12:25- I pack up my bag and head to my next class, science.

    12:30- I’m in science.

    1:49- I head to spanish which is on the last floor.

    1:53- The last block starts! Im in spanish till the bell rings and I’m free.

    3:12- I go to my locker and pack up. I then walk to the parking lot and get a ride home with my brother.

    3:30- I get home. I put all my stuff in my room and eat my dinner immediately. I’ll have take out or homemade food depending on the day. It’ll probably be some Persian dish.

    4:00- I get changed for a quick run! I put my music in, put my jacket on, stretch, and start running. I run down a big hill and then up a big hill so the beginning is always fun but coming back is the difficult part.

    4:20- I’ll take a shower and then get dressed.

    4:40- I start my homework. It could take around 2-6 hrs depending on how much I get. But it is usually somewhere in the middle like 3 hrs.

    7:40- I get twenty minutes to do nothing. I’ll probably use this time to watch YouTube or Netflix, listen to a podcast and simultaneously clean my room, or FaceTime a friend who I don’t talk to enough:).

    8:00- At this time I put out my outfit for the next day, pack my lunch, make my breakfast, pack my backpack, brush my teeth, and wash my face.

    8:45- I have a bit of time to read or listen to music or a podcast.

    9:00- I set my alarm and fall asleep:)

    • HI SHIEVA, you really have a busy day just as i do,its just that my school routine is different with yours.Its good to know that you like having physical exercise as i have seen that you go for gym most of the times. Keep up shieva.

    • Hi Shieva
      It seems that you have a busy routine just like mine.I am also happy to see that you have kept aside time for exercise.The only thing that is different from my routine is that you wake up very late but i know that all is about the difference in the school routine.I am also happy for sharing your routine with us.

    • hello sheiva
      am very happy to learn about your daily is quite busy just like mine. but iwas also glad to learn that you enjoy youtube as I very glad that you keep your body fit. I also do so when am at home together with my brother. I enjoy running very much. but I think you sleep so 9.00 am always still in class !am also glad to see you go for gym class .congratulations sheiva

    • hi Shieva,
      Your day since to be well used and am happy for sharing with me our dairy routine.From our routine I have also realize that you love listening to music as I do but for me I only listen to music at home during the holiday because am in a boarding school and we are not allowed to carry any musical instrument in school.thank you for share with me our routine

  16. Hello, I am going to talk about my time at school:

    8:20 – 9:40: I have woodworking class, in this class we cut, sand, and shape wood to make different things. The last thing we made was a folding stool.
    9:44 – 11:03: I have mt communications class, in this class we practice different forms of communication in French. This is my least favorite class of the whole day.
    11:07 – 12:26: This is my lunch block, in this block I eat my lunch and play video games on my computer with my friend. The worst part about this block is the sad moment when the bell rings at the end of the block.
    12:30 – 1:49: This is my English block, right now we are writing a short story and developing characters to use in those stories.
    1:53 – 3:12: This is my science block, right now we are doing biology. I really hate biology because it involves a lot of memorization which is something I’m not good at. Though I hate biology, science is still my favorite class this semester.

    That’s the end of my school day.

  17. Coming back to this thread and reading the other replies, I am surprised to see just how similar our routines are! Considering we all live in the same area, I expected to have some similarities with our day-to-day lives; however, the degree to which we can relate to each other is astounding!

    I look forward to hearing some routines of those who do not live in Canada so we can compare and contrast.

  18. Hey everyone,

    This is my daily routine of a typical school day in my life! However, depending on the day, the schedule does change around a bit.

    6:30 am – I usually set my alarm for 6:30am so I have time to lay in bed for a little while before I start getting ready.
    6:40 – 6:50 am – I start getting ready for school – Brushing my teeth, doing my hair and picking out an outfit.
    7:10am- I make my bed and get my backpack and everything I need for school ready.
    7:20am – I usually use this time to finish up anything I have left to do for homework, and if not I usually am on my phone or watch TV.
    7:45am – I start walking to school.
    8:05am- I arrive at school.
    8:05am- Usually I go to the library to wrap up any last assignments,or hangout with my friends before school starts.
    8:20am- I attend my first class, “Perspectives Globales”, which is a french course.
    9:40am- I attend my second class, Anatomy and Physiology.
    11:03am- I attend my third class, French. I am in French Immersion, meaning I have been speaking French since preschool.
    12:30pm- Finally, my last block of the day, which is Chemistry.
    1:50pm- I start walking home.
    2:10pm- I arrive at home, and the first thing I usually do is play with my dog for a bit. Once I’m done, I make myself something to eat and relax for a bit.
    2:40pm- I usually am on my phone for a bit or watch TV.
    3:45pm- I start my homework, which I usually get a lot of.
    For the rest of the evening, it is hard to pinpoint certain times that I do things because my homework does take me a different amount of time each day. But basically, I do my homework, and usually at some point take a break to eat, and then get back at it. Once I’m done my homework, depending on the time, I either have time to relax for a bit or it’s so late that I just want to go to sleep. It really depends on how much homework I have, but on average, I usually finish at some point between 7-11pm, but has been as early as 6pm and as late as 2am before.
    Once I finally do finish my homework, I go to take a shower, brush my teeth, cleanse my face, and then depending on the time, I’ll be on my phone for a bit if it’s not too late, or head straight to bed if it’s late.

    Then everything repeats!

  19. Hello everybody

    I will be running through my daily routine in this comment

    I usually wake up during this time. I take a long time to get out of bed so I make sure to put my alarm far away from me.

    This is the time to get ready for school. I brush my hair and teeth and get into some fresh clothes. I make sure my bag is packed then depending on the time I eat breakfast with my sister.

    I leave the house around 8:00, with my father and sister. My sister is in middle school and her school starts at 8:30. I get dropped off and head to my first class, English.

    I really enjoy having English as my first block. There is not as much work as my other classes and every other day, the class gets to read and that really helps me clear my mind.

    My next class is Science which is not my favourite, but I have a nice teacher. We have learned about chemistry and physics and currently learning Earth Science.

    Lunch is where I get to meet up with friends and hang out. Most of the time I am doing homework for the next class but I get a break now and then. I have good friends that I can joke around and have a good time with.

    Next is one of my favourite yet least favourite class, Social Studies. This is when I learn about History and how the rest of the world is doing. I forgot to mention that I am in french immersion. English and Science are in English but the rest of my subjects are in french. This class is one of them. I have to speak french, write french, listen to french and read french. I have been in this program since I was five years old. I don’t particularly enjoy french but I am holding up pretty well.

    My last class of the day is Physical Education. This is another course I take in french. I enjoy this class somedays and somedays not so much. Our class takes a run every Friday and do sports on the rest of the days. I am happy it keeps me active and healthy.

    My parents pick me up and my sister and we come home around 3:30. I usually lay around until 4:00 the I do whatever I need to do. Whether that is homework, cleaning my room or playing with my dog.

    My family eats dinner at this time. Sometimes we eat it at 7:00 but no later than that.

    After dinner, I usually have an extra-curricular I do. I do taekwondo, first aid training and cadets during this time. I also am a tutour on Wednesday and I have math classes on Thursday, both after school.

    This is when I get ready for bed. I wash my face, brush my teeth and get into comfy clothes. If I am not sleepy I get a book and read until I am ready to go to sleep.

    Thank you for reading about my day
    Hope to see yours!

  20. Hey everyone!

    So in this comment, I’m going to walk you through my daily routine for school.

    7:25 – My alarm wakes me up at this time and I usually roll around in bed for a few minutes before I actually get up and start my day.

    7:30 – I head on over to the bathroom, brush my teeth, and put my contacts in. If I was too lazy to wash my face the night before I do it now.

    7:35 – I put on my outfit which I usually choose the night before. At my school, we do not wear uniforms, so I have some options for my clothes. I then proceed to do my makeup and brush my hair.

    7:50 – I head downstairs and eat breakfast with my parents.

    8:00 – My mom and I head out the door. She drops me off at school and I usually get there at 8:15. I have my first block off so I usually study in the morning until block 2.

    9:44 – My first class starts. This semester, I have physics at this time. Each class is 80 minutes long, so the block ends at 11:00.

    11:03 – I have my lunch block (block 3). I spend my lunches in the Math Tutorial Room with my friends where we socialize and study together.

    12:30 – The fourth block and my second class of the day. I have Law this block (which I really love learning about!)

    1:49 – My last class of the day! English! This is definitely my favourite class of the day.

    3:12 – The bell rings to dismiss us at this time. After school, my schedule varies. Sometimes, I go to a coffee shop to study with friends, go to my volunteer jobs, or wait for my mom to pick me up at school.

    4:45 – I usually get home around this time if I don’t have volunteering after school. I take a break for an hour, eat a snack, and play with my dog before going back to studying.

    5:45-7:45 – Study time! I take periodic breaks during this time, but mostly I am busy studying.

    8:00 – We eat a fairly late dinner around this time. I always make sure to clear the table and wash the dishes. Afterwards, I start winding down for the night. I wash my face, get into my pyjamas, and maybe call one of my friends to talk for a little while. If I have any more homework left, I will also finish it after dinner.

    To be completely honest, I do spend quite a bit of time on my phone before bed which is super unhealthy. It is definitely a habit I am trying to break!

    10:30-11:00 – This is around the time I go to bed. Then I repeat everything all over again!

    • Hi Heeva,
      Thank you for sharing your routine.I see that yours is not as tight as mine.How many lessons do you have in a day?
      Do you have break time?Do you have group discussions?I also chat when the school is closed.(during holidays)


      • Yes, your routine is definitely much tighter than mine! In one day, I only have three classes. I am at school from 8AM-3PM and I am lucky enough to have two breaks in the day, each 80 minutes long. In class, we definitely do lots of group discussions and I chat with my friends in groups during my break time. Thanks for the comment!

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