Dec 2019 Topic: Hobbies

This topic is open to everyone who is online during the PA-MOJA week from Dec 2-6 (and after as well).

The goal is for everyone to address the question themselves, but then also leave comments in response to the responses of others so that everyone can learn about each other.

HOBBIES TOPIC: Describe your favourite pastime or hobby. 

Please be as specific as possible so others from different places or situations can really understand what you do and why this is important to you.

76 Replies to “Dec 2019 Topic: Hobbies”

  1. Hi everybody? An Perpetuah and i hereby present my hobbies to you.I have many hobbies but i will just talk of the best.These are playing basketball,swimming,singing and dancing.

    • Hi Perpetual!

      Your hobbies seem very active! Sort of like me 🙂 Do you swim in swim meets or just for fun on your own? When I was younger my parents used to sign me up for swimming lessons, but since then I haven’t gone swimming in a long time.

      Do you make time to do all your hobbies regularly or do you do certain hobbies during different times of the year?

      Thanks for sharing with the rest of us!

      – Madison Ciulla

  2. Hi everyone!

    My hobbies are dancing and participating in theatre productions.

    I started dancing around the age of 3, where I started doing ballet and then slowly started trying different types throughout the years (hip-hop, jazz, tap, contemporary, modern, stage, etc.). I have been doing dance for about 12 consecutive years now. I dance competitively, which means that I go to competitions and compete against other dances in our category. I am in a category of an older age group because when I was 10 they decided I should be “levelled up” in a sort of sense, which means that I am now 15 years old dancing with 17/18 year olds. I currently do jazz dance intensively for 2 hours each week. Previously I danced anywhere from 4-6 hours a week, but once I entered high school I found it to be too much on my schedule and I had to drop out of a few classes. I think that just doing two dance classes each week is a good amount, because it gives me the opportunity to do other things and take time to complete homework. Dance also keeps me active and confident.

    My other hobby is theatre. I have been participating in theatre productions since I was around 8 years old. I have been participating in school plays and musicals and I would act as characters like Fairy Godmother from Cinderella, Lucy from A Charlie Brown Christmas and others. I really enjoy theatre because it gives me the opportunity to really understand the thinking of another person and understand how they would think and react to a certain situation. I also enjoy acting because I find it really interesting and just fun to do.

    I believe that I enjoy both of these hobbies because they are outlets for expression without boundaries – art has always been something that I have used to express my emotions ever since I was young. Theatre and dance have a very emotional connection with me and I couldn’t imagine my life without them. They are not only a part of who I am but have also shaped me to become the person I am today.

    -Jessica O’Brien-Visbisky

    • Hey Jessica,
      I think it’s very interesting how both of your hobbies are related and can be useful in many different areas such as musical productions. Although dance appears as one topic, in my opinion, it’s very complex because there are a variety of dance styles that are very different like Hip hop and Ballet, but as a great dancer you have to be proficient in both. Lastly, it’s upsetting that your passion has to come second to your education, but as a grade 12, I can relate to having to pull back on the number of afterschool activities within your busy schedule. Anyways great post and I can’t wait to hear more about your hobbies.

  3. Hey everyone,
    I’m Giulia and I have two main hobbies which are drawing and writing. I like to sketch on paper, but I mainly do digital drawings with a tablet and pen. I find it easier since you have more options on a computer, rather than a piece of paper. It’s interesting how different art programs work, but I stick with only one for now. However, I love to doodle on paper. I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember, but only started doing digital art in grade 4.
    I love to write and create characters, since they’re your own ideas being brought to life through words and descriptions. I find it easier to write when I’m alone, but that’s just a preference. Combining these two things together is something I hope I can achieve in the future, so I can make my own books and graphics for them.

    On a side note, I find listening to music gives me more inspiration to write.

    • Hey Giulia,

      An interesting hobby you have! Persoanlly, I enjoy painting and drawing is also a major component to sketch the animal or landscape you wish to paint. I would love to hear about your style of drawing on the computer. Although I’ve never produced an image on the computer, there have been some amazing drawings produced with great detail and vivid colours. I’m curious to see some of your drawings but also “what are some common items you draw?” Are they portraits, landscapes or a bit of everything?

  4. Hello everyone,
    I like to paint during my free time along with listening to music. Painting is one of my favorite things to do since its calming and fun. I usually paint with water colors, however, I have recently gained interests in using acrylic paint as well. Recently, I used a different method to use water color paints, where you paint on a special plate that is made out of plastic. In order to prevent the water color moving around on the plate, you apply a special gel. After your done painting on the plate, you transfer the image to a piece of paper. I found this activity very exciting to learn and do.
    I also like to listen to music. Music has a very important and deep meaning to me because it allows me to feel happier. Sometimes when i’m stressed, listening to music makes me feel better. I’m also trying to learn how to play the piano as well, since it challenges me to try new things.
    Thank you for reading!

    • Hey Ravneet!

      Thanks for sharing your hobbies with us! It was awesome to learn a little bit about you and what you enjoy doing. I’ve found it quite amazing how everyone’s hobbies in some way, shape, or form contribute to relieving their stress and making them feel happier. For me, playing soccer and being outdoors does that. But it is so neat to see how everyone has their own activities that do that for them.

      I was wondering, what are the main differences between water colours and acrylic paint? How is it different/ the same? Are you still painting the same images with both materials? Also what do you like to paint pictures of??

      I also enjoy listening to music like you, especially when I am trying to fall asleep it always helps me. Do you have a favourite type of music you like to listen to??

      – Madison Ciulla

  5. Hi everyone!
    My only real hobby is art. If i had to pick a favorite medium it would be paint. Painting makes me focus on one thing and on nothing else. This allows me to relax. Whether I’m painting something abstract or realistic it provides a lot of creative freedom. Painting allows me to communicate my deepest thoughts and struggles. I truly believe that a picture is worth a thousand words.

  6. Hi everyone!

    My favorite hobbies are playing games and solving puzzles. Ever since I was little, my parents introduced me to various puzzles games ranging from board games to paper-and-pencil games to video games. Some of my favorite games include escape room, sudoku, and jigsaw puzzles. I like to play these games either by myself, or with friends and families. One of my most cherished childhood memories was playing games and working in groups with my close ones during family gatherings. Most people I know find these games boring, but I love the thrill of using my problem solving and pattern finding skills to complete a task. It’s also a useful relaxation method for me since I always feel satisfied and accomplished after I solved a problem. Whenever I feel stressed by school work or personal issues, I always play some mini puzzle games on my phone to help me relax.


    • Hi Christine!

      This is an awesome hobby! I actually love playing board games too. Just last summer, my sisters and I bought Catan and we absolutely love it! Have you ever played before? It uses strategy skills in order to trade and build your “city” in order to win. I also love playing Monopoly, Clue and The Game of Life! What are some of your favourite board games to play?

      Thanks you sharing your hobby with us!

      – Madison Ciulla 🙂

  7. Hi everyone,
    My name is Cindy. One of my hobbies is to travel and to experience all kinds of fun stuff. For example, trying new foods, taking pictures, and just simply wandering around the city. I have been traveling to many different countries since I was young, and it is my dream to able to travel around the world one day.

    Another hobbies of mine is reading. During my free time, if I’m not out exploring, then I’m at home reading. It became my hobby when I was in elementary school because I was trying to learn English. Overtime, I find reading really relaxing, and one of the thing I love to do is to spend an entire day at home just reading.

    Thanks for reading!


  8. My favorite pastimes include reading, writing, painting, scrapbooking, and playing instruments.
    Honestly, the only reason why I took up any artistic activities was because of my older sister. She always had that sort of creativity of expressing her ideologies and passions through visual imagery. And like any younger sibling, I really admired that about her and I began to think that maybe I as well had that natural ability to create something visually stimulating out of seemingly nothing. So I drew and painted with her at a young age and up until now, I still really love art, both interpreting and creating it.
    Fast forward to now, after many years of well, finding myself as cheesy as it sounds, I figured that art and the certain creativity of it just wasn’t for me. Rather, I found that my interest lies in words and stories, creating made-up worlds and evoking emotions that sometimes isn’t possible to do in real life. Actually, one of my English teachers made me realize my affinity for writing; she had told me that I was very advanced for my grade level and that I should think about continuing in something English-related after high school. At that point I was already experimenting with writing short stories and poems, and two years later, I’m now writing longer stories with actual plots that I put a lot of thought and planning into (or at least, I try to). I want to become an author one day, but I think writing is just going to remain a hobby as I grow older. And I’m okay with that.
    Thanks for reading my long spiel! I know I probably went off topic…


    • Hi Kyla,

      I really enjoyed reading about your love for writing. I can definitely tell that you have a deep passion for it by the way you talk about it! And with the way you describe your hobby it sounds unique and special to you! You mentioned that you have started writing longer stories with big plots. What genres of stories do you like to write and how do you find your inspiration to write them? In other words, where does your inspiration come from?

      Thanks for sharing your hobby!

      – Madison Ciulla

  9. Hi everyone!
    A little bit about me is that I really enjoy photography. I enjoy the thought of being able to “pause time” to capture memories. I’ve been in photography ever since I was little and have been taking pictures ever since. The thing that got me into photography is my cousin because he has many cameras and I really enjoyed taking his camera so that I can play with it. Although I’m no expert, I still find opportunities to take my camera out with me when I’m free for a stress relief day.
    Another thing I really enjoy is travelling. I enjoy being adventurous and seeing new places. I’ve been to many places before, but my favourite vacation destination I have gone to is Tokyo. I really enjoyed the city and I hope to go again someday. Even when it’s not someplace far, I still enjoy the thought of getting out of my city and just exploring new places.
    Nice to meet you 🙂

  10. Hello everyone!

    My hobbies include drawing, (oil) painting, running, listening to music, and dancing.

    I know there’s a lot but since I was little Iv’e wanted to learn everything I could. Of course, I didn’t succeed though. I tried sports like basketball, swimming, skating and gymnastics but never felt like they were for me. I’m not saying that I disliked those sports; I actually really liked them, but as a kid I wasn’t too competitive.

    I started drawing and painting when I was eight. I paint with oil paint and usually draw people and landscapes. I don’t know why I really dislike drawing animals. It’s probably because I LOVED drawing them so much when I first started making art that I got tired of it now. I still go to the same art studio I went to when I was eight. I actually teach art there now.

    I started running in the 9th grade. I think I was partly inspired by our school because we have to run every Friday. I run everyday. Short distances. Maybe around 3-4 km a day. One of the reasons I like to run is because it’s simple. It’s easy to get stressed when playing sports but running clears my mind and makes me push my determination.

    I absolutely love music. I almost always have music playing. I even have music playing right now. I listen to a lot of Hip-Hop and RnB. I like Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino, and Drake.

    I also like to dance. I have been taught tap, Hip-Hop, and ballet but I quit them all due to lack of individuality. I really don’t like following choreography, but I do use bits and pieces that I like. I haven’t been dancing a lot recently. I guess I just need to be in the right state of mind to really dance well.

    -Shieva Mokhtarnameh

    • Hi Shieva!

      It’s awesome that you have so many hobbies!

      Have you ever considered joining cross country at Best? Best also has a running club! Maybe you might be interested in joining since you have a love for running!

      Thanks for sharing 🙂

      – Madison Ciulla

  11. Hello everyone.
    my pastime hobbies are soccer and dancing. I have been playing soccer ever since I was in elementary school having been influenced by the England players that I saw playing in the television and my mum couldn’t allow me to attend my training section but she always insisted that I should focus on my studies. Due to that, I made sure that I snicked and attended my training at least twice a week.
    After I joined high school, looked for a club around our home that I have been training with in the stadium around our home. Because the training starts from Tuesday up to Saturday, I always make that I help my mum some chores at home so that she doesn’t denies me permission to attend my training.
    Soccer have allowed me to interact with different people in the country so as to get a better women’s club that I will join now that I have finished grade 12. Soccer have also helped me learn the value of teamwork. Apart from that, it has enabled me maintain my body physically.
    Other than soccer, dancing is another hobby that i practice when am not attending my training for soccer for the purpose of entertainment.
    -Agnes N

    • Hi Agnes!
      I think it’s really cool that you pursued your passion of soccer and worked hard to achieve your goals. It is always hard to follow your passion without the support of your parents, and I’m glad you convinced your mom to let you attend training! I play soccer too, and I agree that it’s a great way to learn the value of teamwork and to meet new people. I’m just curious – what position do you play?

      • well, i have been training for the striking position ( No 9 ) ever since i released that i can play soccer but our coach always insisted on us training for at least three position in the pitch, so i can also play as a midfielder and also as a winger.

    • Hi Agnes!

      I can totally relate to your experience with soccer. Growing up, my parents also told me I need to put my school work and studies before sports. When I was younger I was quite upset and didn’t like that I would have to stay home and study for a test rather than go to soccer practice. Now that I am older, I see the importance in getting good grades, but I’ve also realized that I need to have a balance between soccer and school. Too much of one thing is never good, and I am happy to have found a balance that lets me continue excelling in both school and soccer.

      That is so cool how you are planning to join a women’s club now that you are done grade 12! In fact, I plan to do the same when I graduate too!! Like you, I have definitely learned the value of teamwork from playing soccer too. Working with my teammates it is crucial that we support one another on and off the field!

      Thank you so sharing your hobbies with us I had a great time reading about them!!

      – Madison Ciulla

  12. Hey everyone,
    My hobby is drawing and painting.I love drawing especially when am at school. When my lessons are over in the evening, i usually have some few minutes to do my drawing. I love drawing different types of animals especially cats,dogs and lions. I also love to draw people when groomed differently. Drawing helps me when am stressed because after i draw different things my mind forgets about the stressing things.Sometimes when at home i decide to draw anything especially when i become tired.
    I also love singing and dancing.Sometimes at school we go for singing and dancing competition. When am at home, we sing with my older sister just for enjoyment and this is more fun. This keeps me busy when am free.

    • Hi Lucy,

      I think that is wonderful that you have taken up art as a hobby. It’s great that you have found a way to destress while creating beauty through art! I enjoy drawing sometimes, but sadly I don’t have much time to do so. I am interested to find out why your favourite animals to draw are dogs, cats and lions?

      I read that you compete with singing and dance. I enjoy dancing too! When did you start? It is so cool that you have competitions for singing and dancing at school. I compete my dance routines with different dance studios in our area. Do you sing in competitions as well?

      Thanks for sharing! I look forward to hearing back from you.
      -Jessica O’Brien-Visbisky

    • Hi Lucy!

      Thank you for sharing your hobbies with the rest of us! I think it is super cool how you will sing at home with your older sister. In the past, I remember singing and dancing with my sisters sometimes at home. We used to play this video game called Just Dance where we would have to watch the TV screen and perform the dance moves shown on the screen while holding a game controller.

      Do you have any favourite songs you like to sing or dance to? Or both?

      – Madison Ciulla 🙂

  13. Hello guys!
    My hobby is riding a bicycle and listening to music.My best music is R&B and hip hop.When am just bored or sad i listen to music.I listen mostly to maroon 5 songs and tatiana .When i listen to to songs i just feel so relaxed and its so fun.When listening to music i also dance.
    I also like riding bicycles with my friends.AT 4:00 I always assemble my friends and we compete.This creates unity amongst ourselves.It also makes me fit and flexible.
    In my free time i calligraph and draw flowers.I just enjoy doing it with passion.This makes me enjoy my leisure time.

    • Hi Louise, first of all, thank you for sharing with us your favourite hobbies! I think its awesome that you feel happy and relaxed when you listen to music, i think its something many people (including me) would agree to. I also found very interesting the fact that you and your friends ride together, I used to do that too and it really is lots of fun! What type of flowers do you draw? is it just like a regular flower or is it like a mandala style? It would be really cool to see one of your (im sure amazing) drawings! 🙂


      • Hi carsemariana,hope your fine.I thank you for replying my message.Which music do you enjoy listening to?Sang by who?which grade are you in?Next year i will be in grade 12.Which is your favorite food.Which is you favourite pet?
        I draw different types of flowers eg roses.I also draw regular flowers.
        am looking foward for your reply

    • Hello Loiseainsula,

      Your hobbies sound really enjoyable! Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

      Other than Tatiana and Maroon 5, are there any other artists you like to listen to? If yes, then what songs? If no, then what songs from Tatiana or Maroon 5?

      -Shieva Mokhtarnameh

  14. Hallo friends.
    My hobby is making beads. I like making beads because it requires a lot of concentration and so it puts my mind into a test so It keeps me busy. I spend all my free times making beads and other creative things. I create my own styles while making beads. It makes me to be more creative and more happy when I see people commenting on what I have created. Sometimes I make beads that people really admire and so I make beautiful ones and surprise my friends with them.
    Beads making is very enjoyable and it also helps me utilize my time well instead of wasting it with the bad company. making beads is not that easy but as long as one has passion towards it its so interesting. It also makes earn money sometimes. An example of a bead that I had made for my self is the on my head in my profile.
    thank you so much for reading.

    • Hi Rose!
      That’s such a cool hobby, and I’ve never really heard of anything like that until now. I was wondering if the beaded designs have any sort of cultural significance, and if so, what is it? I was also wondering what would be the beading process, because it seems complicated to me and I can’t quite wrap my head around the concept. Thanks so much for sharing!

      • Hi Jasmine
        Thanks for the question. Now the beaded design has no any sort of cultural significance,its just worn for beauty. Mostly its worn by girls when going for a traditional dance.Beads making is very simple and interesting to make.I wish i had a way i can explain it to you until you understand and start making them.You will find it very interesting.Beading process requires one to have a thin string, a needle and beads. Thanks for the interest you have showed.

    • Hi Rose!

      I have never heard of making beads as a hobby! It sounds so interesting! I am intrigued to hear about how you make the beads? It sounds like an intricate process! Do you use them to make jewellery or do you just create the beads on their own?

      Thanks for sharing your hobbies with us! I look forward to hearing back from you.
      -Jessica O’Brien-Visbisky

    I have a list of hobbies but the best of all is listing to music and dancing. I listen to both hip-hop and gospel music but I dance the hip-hop ones. I started making dancing a hobby when I was seven years old and I developed it naturally. I now have a group of dancers whom we cooperate together. Our group is known as the (mtaa dancers),we are a very serious group we dance in different occasions. We do have many dancing groups since the six members of the group have to introduce a new style every day. Sometimes we pay someone to train us in order to become the best dancing group in our area. Dancing and music is fun to me I like, it always makes me very busy during my leisure time.

    • Hi Christine,
      That’s really awesome, to see how your love of dance pushes you be more interactive with your community. I was wondering how your dance group came to be? We’re you all friends before you guys made a group? Or did you all find each other through dance practices? Also, would you ever consider being a professional dancer or becoming a dance choreographer?

      • Hi Christine,
        My hobbies are poetry writing and listening to music. Lately, I haven’t found much to time write, although I always had a pen and a notebook with me everywhere I go. I find that Poetry helps me calm down after a long day or generate new ideas. I started writing poetry in the summer going into 10th grade and it’s been a really big part of my life. Poetry has helped me with my writing skills which is another reason I love doing it. As for music, I’m not to picky on genres, I do prefer artists like Jess Glynne, Roy Woods, Ariana Grande, Frank Ocean and Zedd. I listen to music everywhere I go. I also like listening to music when I do my work, since it cuts out awkward silence or blocks out background noise.

      • Hi grace thanks for your comment.Our dance group just started in school,we knew each other in school.During school functions we usually have entertainment sessions and from there we noticed each other and started practicing.Am really hoping to become a professional dancer.

    • Wow Santa that’s a cool hobby. I also enjoy listening to music and dancing. you are indeed a great dancer. continue with the same spirit and it can take you really far. dancers and musicians have great determination and they also earn a lot of money. don’t loose this great chance. Thankyou for sharing your hobbies.

    • Hi Christine,

      That is wonderful that you found dance and that you developed a natural talent for it. It is also a great way to connect with the community around you! I enjoy dancing as well. You said that you dance for different occasions. I would love to hear about these occasions! Do you perform for celebrations/gatherings as well?

      I look forward to hearing back from you! Thanks for sharing.
      -Jessica O’Brien-Visbisky

  16. Am Purity, I have many hobbies but let me talk about handball which is my best
    Handball have been my best game since I was young. I guess I was in primary school were I wound enjoy being trained the game. Since then I got the skills and am still training.
    Let me explain more about handball, it a game that require 2 teams,one team versing each team it require 7 members, from the 7 members we get the goal keeper,the defense is the area between first line and the second line from the goal and are in form of a (D), in the defense we get 3 players who stand ready to defense the ball from entering the the goal, in the center we get another player playing as the server and besides the person playing in the center there are two players who play as the main players.
    we play the game by catching the ball feel it then throw it to your partner in a way he|she can hold it, if no partner to give around you, you can run with it bouncing it up and down until u reach to the scoring point.
    there are some rules in the game example no abusing each other,during defensing no catching hands of the person with the ball or the one receiving the ball.
    I enjoy playing handball because it help me to exercise my body and after some exercise I feel stress freed and refreshed.Through handball I get to interact with many people from many culture and I learn many value from them and be able to make friendship with many people.Handball is the best game in my life.

    • Hi Purity,

      Handball is definitely a really fun sport! I have many memories playing it in my school PE class. I always had to remember that you can’t run with the ball unless you are bouncing it.

      After I exercise I feel totally refreshed and relaxed too! I think exercise is super important for all of us, and it is great that you have found a sport you love that lets you get exercise but have fun at the same time. Like you said, sports specifically is great because not only can we get exercise from playing them, but we meet new people and make friendships along the way! For me, soccer plays a similar role in my life, as I’ve made many friends and memories along the way. Do you have any memories that stand out to you during your time playing handball??

      You mentioned all the positions in handball. Out of the different positions, goalkeeper, defence, server, and main players, which position(s) do you like to play?

      – Madison Ciulla 🙂

      • Hello Purity! That’s super cool that you love to play handball. It’s actually a coincidence because I was playing handball at school today! I also really like it. I found it pretty cool because while you were explaining the game I found that some of the rules and things are different from how I have played it before. When I usually play it you can’t run with the ball even if you’re bouncing it you can only take three steps. Next time I play, maybe I’ll try incorporating the bouncing three ball rule! You mentioned that you have been playing handball since you were young, what about it do you think inspired you to continue handball instead of a different sport? Like you, I have met many people in my community through sports. Some of these relationships I still have today from when I first started my sports. Where are you usually when you play handball? Thank you for sharing about your hobby I enjoyed reading about it! 🙂

  17. Hi everyone,

    I got many hobbies that I do during my free times or when I just want to relax my mind.Two of my hobbies are singing and running.Singing is what I like doing mostly when I am free while running is my talent.

    I started singing at a young age in church and also at home.I love singing because it relaxing and enjoyable.Whenever I have done a lot of reading I usually start singing loud if I am at home but at school I can’t do it so loud since it might cause disturbance.I have not yet had a thought of composing my own songs but I hope that one day I will although I am at times I am very shy to sing in public.

    My other hobby is running.I started running in grade 6 when our school was to participate in inter school competitions,I was asked by our games teacher to just try and run for at least one kilometer.I was worried at the start and butterflies were all over my body.I did my best and finished fifth in the three kilometer race.That gave me the passion of running and since then I have loved running.

    Thank you for reading!

    • Hello Beth 🙂
      One of my hobbies is also running! I remember doing school competitions as well but that’s really impressive that you did so well despite your nerves and considering it was your first time. I know what you mean, before a race, I get butterfly’s in my stomach to! Where do you usually run? Although I don’t do it to often I also like to sing. I think you should pursue your passion of composing some songs that would be very cool! What is your favourite type of music to sing? When I was in grade 6, I joined choir at my school. I think this helped me be more confident in my singing because I was surrounded by others who also shared my passion. Are there any choirs in your community?
      Thank you so much for sharing your passions I enjoyed reading about them very much!

  18. Hi everyone:
    I have many hobbies but I will just pick up on two of my favorite hobbies which are basketball and soccer. I ‘ll start with basketball. It is a game played by seven opponents both sides. you first toast the ball and you aim at the basket which is attached to a ring and a post. you have first to toast the ball and then aim the basket and you get a score. this game also has many rules just as other games. I started playing this game since grade one up to today and I’ll never stop playing maybe when I am very old to play games. I love playing basketball at my leisure time because it helps me get energy and not to stay bored but to have fun playing with my friends. I also enjoy watching NBA to acquire Basketball skills and also teach others how this game is played and the rules that must be followed while playing this wonderful and fantastic game. many people also enjoy playing this game for fun and exercise. My best player in Basketball is Jordan. This game has helped me exercise and gain more skills of playing and enjoying my youth life.
    My other hobby is soccer. It is played by twenty one people and each side has twelve players and a goal keeper. I enjoy playing this game very much because it is very enjoyable to play and it gives me energy to play. very many people enjoy playing this game because it is all over the world. I also enjoy watching this game very much so as to get skills and it also motivates me to play and also to teach others about this game and the rules and guide lines that must be followed. One of the rules of the game are like only the goalkeeper is allowed to catch the ball with his/her favorite players of this game are Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. I enjoy watching their skills and also trying to apply them in the game. The game has a goal keeper who defends the ball from entering the goal. There is a player in the middle, right and left wing, there is also a defender and a striker who passes the ball to the other player of the same team. football takes an average of ninety minutes which is one hour thirty minutes but in the middle of the game there is a half time for fifteen minutes.
    There are also penalties just incase there is a fall in the box or both teams have gone draw. There is also a free kick just incase there is a fall in the field. The referee blows the whistle when the game starts and ends. That’s why I enjoy playing this games and they are my hobbies.

    • Hi Hannah!

      Thank you for sharing your hobbies with us!

      Like you, I also love playing soccer!

      Do you watch the World Cup when it is on TV? Last summer, there was the Women’s World Cup.

      One of my favourite soccer players is Christine Sinclair who plays for the Canadian National Women’s soccer team. I also like Ronaldo too!

      I noticed you mentioned that you like to teach others about the soccer and the rules. I am actually a referee for younger children that play soccer, and sometimes I have to help them if they do a foul throw-in, or mistake a corner kick for a goal kick! This requires me to fully understand the rules of the game too so I can help these younger children learn. However, it’s actually quite interesting how the rules of soccer are continuously changing! One of the recent changes FIFA has made allows a goal kick to be received by the defending team from inside their 16-yard box. Before, they had to receive the goal kick outside of the box.

      I play centre defender on my current soccer team. I am the last person back before the goalie, and my main job is to minimize the chances for the attacking team to score on our net. What position do you like to play for soccer?

      – Madison Ciulla 🙂

  19. Hi everyone I would like to share my hobbies with you
    Personally I have a lot of hobbies but iwill talk of two only. my two hobbies are writing and travelling. I enjoy these hobbies simply because travelling refreshes my mind .travelling helps me reduce stress .travelling to noisy places is quite frustrating and the most boring thing is tra rvelling all alone.tarvelling with happy people makes the travelling more fun. .The fact that my two brothers like travelling makes me feel happy .travelling can be by foot or by a vehicle by both I feel comfortable.At some points it can be tiring.this is where you are traveling to far away mom tells me the reason I like traveling is because when I was a little kid my mom used to travel to her workplace with me carrying me at the back up to when I was 9\ years old of which I think it is the reason that made me love traveling.
    my other hobby is writing. most people think that so as to be a writer you must have a nice handwriting.but more surprisingly is that I have a poor handwriting but writing is my hobby.i also wonder and see it so most of the times when am free I find myself writing maybe some songs. I have a lot a lot of filled up journals at home and even in school writing notes in school makes me feel tired but surprisingly I don’t feel tired when writing on books and journals on my free time. .when am stressed iwrite all my problems on books and unfortunately I get relieved.i love writing because iwrite all my ideas in books and share my imagination and ideas with others .writing is of very much important to me because it has helped me cope with day to day challenges.
    it has helped me deal with stress and write my imagination in a way others dont.
    I think it much very important to have hobbies because they have played a very huge role in my life.They have helped me cope with my challenges and am glad and very happy top such hobbies.

    • Hi Yvonne!

      I agree with you, travelling is so fun! Exploring new places and learning about different countries and cultures is so enriching. Similar to you, I have two siblings as well. I also enjoy travelling with them, it so does make it more fun! I absolutely love how you shared the story about your mom, I find that so beautiful and feel the same way about different aspects in my life regarding my connection and upbringing with my mother. I hope to travel to Kenya soon!

      You seem so talented at writing. I love how you write your feelings down on paper, that is so important and as you said can be a great strategy for relieving frustration and stress. Continue writing your ideas, thoughts, and imagination down!

      Thank you so much for sharing your talents and passions with us! I loved reading your post.


      • hi ! asalah am very glad for your
        eply .that is all about what I do during my free you have said exploring to far away places is so so fun.i have joined the music club in school and for that reason I get a chance to explore and get to know many places in Kenya.
        as I had said ealier writing being one of my hobbies has really transformed my life .writing my feelings on paper has helped me be free from frustration and also very happy and glad for your reply.

  20. Hi every one;
    Personally,i have 2 hobbies.My favorite hobbies are singing and drawing.I love drawing especially during my leisure times.I love drawing animals and cartoons.The reason as to why i love drawing is that it helps me to enjoy and also to learn more in that it keeps one busy.
    I developed this hobby back in grade 6 and even today i still love it.When i was in primary school , before developing this hobby i used to try more and more times knowing that practice practice makes perfect.
    I also love singing.I hope that one day i will become a great musician and compose my own songs.I started singing when i was still a young child . In the childhood stage , i used to lead my fellow Sunday schools with songs on Sundays. I also like singing during my free times.These are my two hobbies.

    Thank you for reading


    • Hi Jackline!

      Thank you for sharing two of your hobbies with the rest of us! Drawing is super fun, and I find that it is a great way to relax and focus my attention on the paper in front of me. I am not the best drawer, given I do not practice and draw regularly. However, I totally agree with what you said, practice makes perfect! I think this rule can be applied for many hobbies! I think it’s really great that you know the value of practicing your skills to further develop and enhance your drawings further! You mentioned that you like drawing cartoons, do you have any cartoon characters that are your favourite??

      Also, in connection to your singing, do you have any favourite artists at the moment??

      I really enjoyed learning about your hobbies!!

      – Madison Ciulla

    • Hello Jackline:)

      Singing and drawing are definitely really fun hobbies! Personally, I love to draw as well. I like to sing too but only for fun because I’ve never been taught how to. It’s pretty cool that you draw animals and cartoons. It is sometimes difficult to draw something realistic and also be able to draw things like cartoon characters.

      In regards to your passion for music, what type of music do you like to sing and what type of music do you like to listen to?

      It was great to learn about your hobbies!

      -Shieva Mokhtarnameh

  21. Hi everyone,

    I got many hobbies that I do during my free times or when I just want to relax my mind.One of my hobby is singing.

    I started singing at a young age in church and also at home.I love singing because it relaxing and enjoyable.Whenever I have done a lot of reading I usually start singing loud if I am at home but at

    • Hi Beth!

      Reading your post had me realizing that a lot of the hobbies people are posting make them feel relaxed in some way and calm them! I think this is super interesting, because it shows how we have all found our own activities and methods to relaxing ourselves by doing something we love! For me, I find it super relaxing when I am playing soccer. I think it is enjoyable but it also relaxes my mind too, similar to singing for you!

      It’s quite neat that you started singing at a young age in your church. Did you have to practice the songs before hand before performing them? Also, do you sing in a choir setting or do you do more solo performances? Or maybe you do both!

      Thanks for sharing your hobby!

      – Madison Ciulla

      • Hi Madison,

        Thank you for reading my post.To answer you I did practice singing before presenting the song in church but I am not in a choir because in our church we don’t have a choir for youths

  22. Hello Everybody! It’s definitely hard for me to pick just a couple hobbies but if I had to pick two I would pick reading and running. They’re two very different things but personally, they’re two of my favourite hobbies.
    I love reading and I have ever since I can remember. When I was little my mom and grandparents would always read to me and eventually I began reading to myself. One of the main reasons I love to read is because of the visualization that comes with a good book. I find that there are so many different ways you can imagine a character or a certain scene in any book so the book ends up always being unique to the reader. I also think reading throws you into certain situation where you would never find yourself in and it allows you to experience these situations in your own way. My favourite genre of books are fantasies but I also like dystopian. The first book series that I can remember reading and absolutely loving was the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling. However if I had to pick one book that was my favourite, I would chose a book called “children of blood and bone” by Toni Adeyemi. I only just read this book this summer but I loved it and I would definitely recommend it! I read basically everyday if I have a good book. Although I don’t do it often my favourite place to read is outside. Reading has become not just a pastime but something I really love to do.

    For my second hobby I chose running. I play soccer and field hockey outside of school on club teams and there is a lot of running in those sports however I also like to just go for a run in my free time. Although I don’t go for a runs as much as I would like to, when I can get into a rhythm or when I decide at the end of my run that I just want to sprint to the end that’s when I find it super enjoyable. After a run I feel extra motivated for the rest of the day. I like to run outside preferably not on concrete. I also don’t usually listen to music when I run and I just focus on the various sounds around me. When I run during a sport it’s just as, if not more enjoyable. I get so wrapped up in that moment of the game that I feel like i’m running a thousand miles a minute! It may not be the hobby for everybody but for me, running is a great one.

    • Hi Cynthia!

      Although I did not discuss it in my hobbies, reading is actually one of my favourite hobbies too. In fact, the way you described reading and your ability to picture the scene and be immersed in a different world is exactly how I feel when I read a book too! Like you, I also enjoy fantasies and dystopian novels. It’s funny you mention “Children on Blood and Bone” by Toni Adeyemi is your favourite book, because that book is on the top of my “what to read next” list!! I was wondering, have you heard of the app called Goodreads? It allows you to keep track of the books you’ve read, record books you want to read, read book reviews, and find new books! It’s really good, and I highly suggest you check it out!
      My all time FAVOURITE book series at the moment is the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas. It is a fantasy series and if you haven’t read it I HIGHLY recommend you do since you enjoy fantasy. Trust me when I say you will love it. Maybe we can chat about it further if you plan to read it. 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your hobbies with us!

      – Madison Ciulla

      • Hi Madison!
        Thank you for the comment:) that’s so funny that the book is on the top of your reading list! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it and the second book in the series just came out too! No, I haven’t heard of that app before but I am definitely going to look into that! It sounds very cool because I often find myself seeing a book that I want to read and then forgetting about it before I get a chance to get it. So hopefully, it’ll help me be a bit more organized! I had never heard of the throne of glass series before. But it does sound very interesting so I will definitely give it a try after I’m done reading the book I’m on now.

          • Thank you so much Cynthia!

            I am really looking forward to the Christmas break because then I can read a bunch of books! Right now I am super busy and it’s so hard to find the time to enjoy reading.

  23. Hi everyone! Like many others on this thread of comments, I have many pastimes and hobbies. But, for the sake of saving you the hassle of having to read four thousand words, I’m going to stick to just one. And that one is basketball.

    For those of you who might not know what basketball is, let me explain the basics. Basketball is a sport in which players attempt to get a ball, a basketball, into a net. The net is surrounded by a rim, normally made out of metal, and behind the net, there is a backboard(the backboard being quite simply just a solid rectangle that keeps balls from going far over the net). The net and backboard are either hoisted up by a pole, hung from a wall, or hung from the ceiling, and most of the time posses an adjustable height that is normally set at ten feet high.

    Now about the players. In regular basketball, there are two teams versing each other, each team with no more and no less than five players. There are five different positions in professional basketball, the point guard, the shooting guard, the small forward, the power forward, and the center. The point guard is the player that always brings the ball up the court and starts most plays and/or attack attempts. The shooting guard, and the small forward to a lesser extent, are similar to the point guard, but normally do not bring the ball up the court. The power forward and the center are ordinarily the strongest, and the tallest, players on the team and stay down the court, close to the net.

    The basic rules of basketball are simple. You must always bounce the basketball up and down if you are moving, and once you stop bouncing the ball, you can not move again. If you do, the other team will get the ball. Basketball is also a low contact sport. You are allowed to push with your body slightly, put you are not allowed to push with your hands, touch the ball with your feet, or hit another player.

    The scoring in basketball is decently simple. On a basketball court the most important line is the three point line. If a player shoots (throws) the ball into the net from outside this line, their team scores three points. If a player throws the ball into the net inside of this line, their team only scores two points. There is also something called a foul. If a player is attempting to throw the ball towards the net and they are hit by another player, the player that was hit gets to shoot free throws. Free throws consist of typically two shots (throws) where the defense is not allowed to defend the offense. These shots are taken from the free throw line, which is located a few feet away from the net, with each of these free throws worth one point.

    But now, onto the subject of my basketball “career”. I started playing basketball more than three years ago. Today, I play on a non-school team in the Tri-City league. This league is a youth basketball league that hosts practices and games every week, and is quite large with many teams registered. The level I play at keeps score, but is not the highest level. I hope to get there one day 🙂

    • Hi Victor!

      I really enjoyed your detailed description of basketball. Even though I know the game quite well from playing in PE class, I never actually knew all the names of the positions or what their jobs are, so I found your descriptions very helpful! Actually, when I was very young I used to play on a Tri-City league team too, but at that young age, we weren’t really concerned with the proper positioning on the court. Soon after, I chose to stop playing basketball to pursue soccer more competitively as well so unfortunately I didn’t have the longest experience playing basketball.

      Do you play on a school basketball team?

      I saw you mentioned that you hope to play at a higher level of basketball one day. I think it’s awesome that you have a goal you want to reach! With hard work and determination anything you put your mind to is possible!!

      Thank you for sharing one of your hobbies with us!!
      – Madison Ciulla

  24. Hi!

    My name is Jasmine, and I have many hobbies, but if I had to pick two, I would say that my two favorite hobbies are soccer and writing. I started playing soccer in kindergarten, and I started writing around the same time.

    Soccer has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember, and I think I would be a completely different person today without it. When I first heard about soccer, I told my dad I wanted to play it. He was surprised, and he asked me why. My parents are from Romanian, where soccer is a men’s sport only. I told my dad that I simply wanted to make new friends, and he agreed that it was a good idea. 9 years later, I have made the most rewarding friendships through soccer, and I have learnt many life lessons that I will carry with me forever. Not to mention the fact that I love the sport itself! For me, soccer is the perfect combination of running and strategy. Soccer works my brain, but also keeps me in shape. My favorite part about soccer is that it forces me to act in the moment and trust my instincts rather than analyzing each move.

    The first thing I ever remember writing was a story in first grade. It was our first writing assignment, and we were all really nervous. Once I started, I realized that writing was like putting my imagination on paper, and I really enjoyed it. Once we handed in our stories, my teacher pulled me aside to tell me how much she enjoyed reading it. After that, I was asked to read out my story to a grade 3 class. A few years later, I edited that same story and submitted it into a writing competition, getting it published in a short story novel. From then on, I kept writing and putting ideas on paper. It helps me deal with stress, and it allows me to use my imagination in ways that school doesn’t.

    Both of these hobbies have played a huge role in my life, and they help me cope with different issues I face during everyday life. I think it’s really important to have hobbies, because they help you learn new things and relieve stress.

    -Jasmine P

    • Hi Jasmine,

      Thank you for sharing your hobbies with the rest of us. It’s quite interesting actually how sports and exercise are many people’s favourite hobbies. I like how you said that soccer forces you to act in the moment and rely on instincts/reactions rather than analyzing. I also play soccer, and I can totally relate to this 100%. After playing for so long, there are parts of soccer that have become so fluent to me that they are just instinct, and I don’t even have to remind myself to do them when I am playing.

      I also connected with how you mentioned you have been able to make amazing friendships through playing soccer. This has been the exact same for me. I have known girls since from the age of 5 back when we were playing little TimBit soccer, and I still talk to many of them daily!

      I was wondering, what club team do you play soccer for? I play with Coquitlam Metro Ford 🙂

      Also, do you play for the Charles Best girls soccer team??

      I hope you continue loving the sport and playing throughout high school and even onto post-secondary if you plan on pursuing it further. I can’t believe that soccer is coming to an end for me soon, it feels as though time flew by! So all I can say is continue playing and having fun!

      – Madison Ciulla

      • Hi Jasmine

        I am also a great fun of soccer.I love following it up since its’ entertaining to just watch the players as they pass the ball and score goals using different styles.I am a great fan of Manchester City in The English Premier League and I also try to play in our school football team.

        I never tried to do writing as a hobby but I sometimes do writing just for fun.

        I hope you still continue playing soccer and writing.


  25. Hello everyone!

    My name is Madison and 2 of my favourite hobbies are soccer and skiing.

    I have been playing soccer since the age of 5. I don’t know where I’d be today without soccer in my life. It has shaped me into the person I am today. Over the years, I have worked hard and made many accomplishments through playing soccer. Playing on a team l, I’ve learned the value of teamwork and I have gained skills such as leadership and communication. Currently I am the co-captain on my Metro Team. We have three practices a week and a game on Sundays. Soccer also allows me to maintain regular physical activity, which I think is super important for me. With my busy school schedule, soccer is a way for me to relieve stress and exercise, which actually helps me focus better when I’m doing school work too. Sadly, now that I am in grade 12 this is my last year of youth league play. I have really enjoyed my soccer experience for over the past 12 years. Moving forward, I hope I find my way back to soccer and join a Women’s league as a way to stay in shape through my adulthood and continue playing the sport I love.

    Another hobby I thoroughly enjoy is skiing. Although I can only ski during the winter, I try to take advantage of the ski season as much as I can. When I am skiing, I feel very relaxed and detached from my busy daily routine. Being in the mountains surrounded by nature is another reason I live skiing. I love seeing the snow pile on top of the trees to the point of falling. As many of you might know, my action, Project One with Nature, involves my love for nature too.

    Some of my favourite mountains to go skiing are Cypress, Seymour and Manning Park. Over the years, I’ve been able to enhance my skiing skills by taking lessons, but also by working hard and continuing to practice on my own. Every time I go out skiing, I’m always trying to straighten out my skis more and work on my balance and speed.

    You might be able to tell that I like to spend a lot of my time outside and being active. During other seasons throughout the year, I also enjoy water skiing, surfing, hiking, and biking. I love sharing my passion for being active with others as well, and I’m always doing these activities with my friends and family.

    Thank you for reading!

    Madison Ciulla

    • hi Madison
      I am so impressed by your hobbies. Your interest in soccer really motivates me and I wish you were here so that you can also couch us so that we can also have that interest. I hope one day you will join the big teams and start playing for your country.

      • Hi Rose!

        Thank you so much that is so nice of you! I definitely plan on playing for as long as I can!

        Yes it would be very cool if I could be there and play with you all! Maybe someday! 🙂

        – Madison Ciulla

    • Hi Madison,
      Thank you for sharing your hobbies with all of us.I would like to tell you to continue being active because this is healthy.I also have great hope that you will find your way to soccer.

    • Hi Madison!
      For my hobbies I was seriously considering also putting down soccer and skiing because those are two things that I also love to do!I have been playing soccer since I was seven and I think it’s really impressive that you’re on the metro team and you are co-captain. I only started skiing when I was 10 but I absolutely love it as well. personally my favourite mountain to go on is Cyprus. Like you, being outdoors makes me relaxed and ultimately brings me joy and I feel the same way about being active and seeing the mountains when skiing. It can be hard to focus on the actually skiing part when your surrounded by all the beauty! Do you play sports on any school teams? Although I’m only in grade ten, I’m also dreading not being able to play soccer on a youth team anymore. I think joining women’s league is definitely a good idea because you seem so passionate about the sport.
      Thank you for sharing your hobbies:)

      • Hi Cynthia,

        Thanks for commenting!

        Yes Cyprus is a great mountain, I really like the Panorama run because of the amazing view it has. 🙂

        That is so funny that you love the same activities too!! What club do you play soccer for?

        Throughout high school I have played on the senior girls soccer team. Do you play on any school teams?


        – Madison Ciulla

  26. Hey everyone,
    Personally, 2 hobbies I have pursued and continue to enjoy throughout my life are golf and watercolour painting. Golf is a sport where the goal is to strike a small ball from a location into a hole within the lowest amount of strokes whereas watercolour painting is a form of art using water-based paints that provide a specific transparent look.

    Since the age of 7, I have attended a Chinese Watercolour painting class every Sunday where my creativity mindset continues to expand from learning basic brushstrokes to creating compositions. I find the class very relaxing and provides a form of calming therapy for my busy hectic schedule. Although it is only an hour and a half, as a group we have grown up together and essentially built a small community. Sadly, I don’t have a picture of one of my paintings but here is a similar style I found on the internet.

    On the other hand, golf has also had a major impact on my life by providing myself a sport to invest in when figure skating was no longer an option due to multiple concussions. My coach and fellow competotors that I train with work together to achieve a common goal of being our personal best. Simular to painting, golf has our own family where everyone is very supportive of each other especially during spring and summer when it’s tournament season.

    – Lauren

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