Dec 2019 Topic: Education

This topic is open to everyone who is online during the PA-MOJA week from Dec 2-6 (and after as well).

The goal is for everyone to address the question themselves, but then also leave comments in response to the responses of others so that everyone can learn about each other.

EDUCATION TOPIC: Describe something in your educational experience that you are proud of. 

Please be as specific as possible so others from different places or situations can really understand what happened and why this was important to you.

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  1. Hello to all,
    I view that good education is a highly important tool to future-proof your life. As more children go through the education system and literacy rates have increased, it is key that children get an education in order to get into a career and earn to feed, clothe, and house themselves later on in life. However, I hear a lot of people talking about how you can be prosperous without having a top-notch education (like most of the celebrities/rappers and singers), while this is true it is so for a few people only, it is highly unlikely that you will undergo through these circumstances. While having a good education is essential, it is however not always good. Ever since my first day of school, I still hate waking up early in the morning and spending 5 hours sitting in a classroom taking down notes. I hate homework even more because whenever I go home, I want to unwind and relax from a long day at school and doing more of what you did in the classroom without help from the teacher is not a way to do so. Sometimes if you have quizzes and tests you must spend more time preparing and studying and it also puts stress on you. But nonetheless, the world will never change for the better if people are left by themselves to unlock the secrets of the earth and universe and logical thinking without the help of educated people and this is what education, I feel is all about. Education also helps you get out of your comfort zone and explore different things. When I was in middle school the was a block called “explorations” and all the student got divided into four areas “tech ed (woodworking and graphic design)”, “Home ec (cooking and sewing)”, “art (drawing and painting)” and “drama (music and performance)”. And we switched between these explorations and so I had chance to try all these various fields and now I have a good idea of which area I want to pursue for my future. Sometimes along with stress, education gives you a sense of accomplishment where in third grade I won a chess competition and I was highly proud of myself and I still play chess with my family and friends. While stressful and not at all easy, I feel that education is important and necessary that you simply must take the good with the bad.
    Thanks for reading this post…

  2. Education is very important to me. I have always liked education in school and have always been a quick learner which might have made it easier for me. Education can be hard at times but it is your willingness to push yourself that makes you stronger and the stronger you are the more success you will have. Education can provide a person with pathways in their lives that can curve your future into something great and lack of education can cause grave problems in ourselves and in the world.

    Throughout my life I have had many rewarding educational experiences and most did not derive from a classroom. The most educational experiences I have had in my life have been through experience and trying new things. Being in French immersion my whole life from when I was placed in kindergarten and continue in the French immersion program presently. When in grade 7 all the French classes took a trip to Quebec. In Quebec we making completely immersed in the culture surrounded by the cuisine, history, music and language of the Quebequois. Speaking to the civilians in French helped my French grow stronger and helped me understand and appreciate the language and culture so much more and I am proud of that realisation. The waiters and cashiers at stores spoke at a speed that in time my mind would comprehend and by the end of the trip I felt that my French had grown immensely since the beginning of the trip. In Quebec we also connected with pen pals that we had been talking with for months but these students did not speak much English. This forced us to speak fluently in French and connect with those who are citizens in the area. As a class we also went on field trips to massive churches that I found extremely compelling. The churches I found were the most interesting part of the trip. The grand pillars and stained glass windows depicting the history and story of the bible. Each church had beautiful ceiling with beautiful paintings or gold carvings. This experience showed me that schools and class rooms are not the only way for us to learn. Each and everyone of us learn in a different way and I find that I learn from experience. Being submerge in the roots of Quebec taught me more about the language and culture that I could ever have comprehended in a class room. I am proud of this learning experience because it helped me understand how I learn and it pushes me to try new things every day. Thank you for reading!
    Sienna Saunders


    I have been in Sweetwater’s secondary school for my high school system. I am proud of completing my high school coarse.
    My understanding about education is that I learnt that it is the main thing that encourages us to distinguish between the right and the wrong because in absence of education we can’t do what we need. Education also brings a natural lasting change in an individual’s reasoning and ability to achieve the targeted goals.

    While in school I really enjoyed my English lessons because I found literature the most exciting and fun lesson one could explore and was given a chance to think beyond the limits.
    In the Kenyan education system all the grade 12 students have to seat for a national exam like I did. That will enable me to determine my next level of education system. In school we had to memorize a novel which would be examinable in the national test. Am proud I managed it though it was a bit tough.

    I really loved writing while in school especially the essay writing and I managed to win that really made me feel proud and gave me the passion to continue with the writing and also find ways in which I can improve the writing skills.
    The education system in Kenya has now changed and the 8-4-4 system has now been replaced with 2-6-3-3 curriculum.
    School has taught me that education is reflective in individuals benefits such as: professional success, personal gain and in the community.

    • Hi Trizah,
      Wow, congratulations! The national exam you take in grade 12 in Kenya sounds rather difficult, especially if you have to commit an entire novel to memory! In Canada, the grade 12’s would take exams called provincials at the end of the school year, but while they were important, they did not necessarily determine the student’s future in education. In fact, they plan to eliminate the provincials now. Therefore, the education systems in Canada compared to Kenya are quite different in that sense.
      However, there are definitely parallels between all schools around the world, and I agree that there are many benefits to education.

  4. hi everyone
    Am purity studying at Gatero girl’s. I value education most because I believe education is the key to success.Education also help people to interact with others which leads to promotion of unity among people.It also enable someone to learn new and interesting things.

    Am still continuing with my education in high school and am in grade 10 so I will graduate my high school education in the year 2021 and am intending to continue with my education also after school because here in Kenya we believe that education has no end.
    In school I like studying biology and mathematics.I like this two subject because they help me to think critically and be aculate in every thing I do.In biology I learn more about respiration, excretion in plant and human being.biology and mathematics are the best subjects to have because they are real and are performed in dairy live.

    • Hi Purity,
      I really loved reading your post!
      I find it interesting that you say that in Kenya you believe that education has no end. Does that apply mostly to actual schooling, as in it’s very common to go to school for many years even after your necessary schooling is over? Or is it more along the lines of you should never stop learning in general, no matter the circumstances?
      I’m not very good at biology or math, but I definitely understand what you said about them being very relevant and used in everyday life.
      What subjects do you dislike or have the most trouble with? What kinds of classes do you take? Do you get to choose them or are they all mandatory?
      Looking forward to hearing from you,

    • Hi Purity,

      I really enjoyed reading your post. I definitely agree with you that education has no end. I believe that it’s one of the most fascinating concepts out there. Even after we finish school, we are constantly learning. Because we are facing different experiences everyday, we regularly develop and strengthen our skills!

      I can see how Science and Mathematics really shaped your education. I enjoy learning about Sciences and Mathematics although it doesn’t necessarily mean I’m good at them. I have a passion for these topics, for the same reasons as you!

      Is there a specific example of an educational experience that you’re really proud of? Are there any academic subjects that you’ve struggled with?


  5. hi this is Yvonne from Loise nanyuki girls high school. education is the most important thing for a human life.through education a lot of llife status has been our country most of the job vacancies are of educated people I am in grade 9 and I have a lot lf expiriences
    for me it was not easy at the first place when I joined high school.i was not used to waking up at 4.00 and sleeping at first I was used tto perfom poorly in pysics and so I felt odd of my self.surely practice makes perfect.i worked hard and became successful.i was very happy for that.educational life has not been easy, it has been so challenging .getting good grades at school gives one a sense of pride.through education ihave gained a lot of life skills.some of these skills are using effective communication whenever am speaking.most of the expiriences have shaped my is also fun .in school what I enjoy most is holding debates .the reason is because it helps one to stand firm in your decision.right now am still getting educated through a pa-moja mentorship very happy for that.

    • Hi Yvonne,

      Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. 🙂 In Canada, our daily schedules are very different than yours. Instead of waking up at 4am, many of the students at Charles Best wake up at 6:30am to get to school before 8:20am. However, because some students don’t start school until 9:40am or even 11:00am, the time does vary! It’s intriguing to compare our different lifestyles.

      I agree with you that education is a very enjoyable experience and that it can shape us. It’s awesome how school has challenged you and also gave you a sense of pride. Physics is a hard topic, and last year, I had struggled with it! Out of curiosity, what topics did you cover within that course? Are there any other courses that you’ve had difficulty with? Nonetheless, congrats on becoming successful in Physics.

      All the best,

    Hi everyone I am in Gatero girls high school a here to talk about education which is the key to success. Without education I do not understand how the world could be or where it could be. Education is the best thig in a persons life.
    through education I have been able to interact with many people and know the different type of people in the world. I remember when I was in grade five I had problem with solving mathematics but I consulted my teachers and fellow colleges who helped me solve it and I also started helping others to solve it.
    Education is not easy but if you believe in yourself and have determination it is very easy.
    Through education I have known different languages , religions , races and tribes. Education has helped me be a responsible person and also know the human body works and different things in life.
    education has helped me to go to different places and learn more about my country Kenya. I have also interacted with different people education is very enjoyable. I have done many exams to test myself
    through education I will be able to pursue my goal of being a doctor. My favorite subjects are sciences and mathematics which will help me achieve my goal. Thankyou so much for your support.

    • Hi Hannah,
      I definitely agree with you – education is extremely important, and I’m not sure either what sort of place the world would be without it. One thing I find interesting about education is that in some ways, education is such a universal thing because there are many subjects such as science and math that are common to all schools around the world, yet there are also many things that are taught in some places and not others, such as different languages and, in some cases, religion. The cultural aspect of education may still be important, but unlike math and science, the same information is not taught all around the world, and I wonder sometimes what it would be like to go to school in another country unlike mine.
      I think it’s great that you have an interest in multiple areas in school, and I hope you fulfill your dream of becoming a doctor!

  7. Hi everybody
    One thing that i am happy about my education is that it is only determined by the effort you put but not the background.My best subjects are Mathematics and Geography.I really love these subjects because they require maximum concentration.I also put more effort in sciences because my career which is becoming a neurosurgeon requires a high grade in sciences.
    One thing that i am proud about my education is the scholarship that you have given me.I am also proud because of the Wish programme .We learn more and also we get to know how to cope with the challenges that we face .
    we have also learnt about confidence ,friend and friendship formation and many other things.I thank PA-MOJA for their support from grade nine until now that i am graduating to grade eleven.

    • Hi Jackline!
      It can’t be easy preparing to study to be a neurosurgeon. I’m also very interested in the brain, but I’m more interested in the psychology side of it, rather than the pure science side and surgery. I also could never be a neurosurgeon because I wouldn’t be able to stomach it, and it’s such a hard field to get into. I hope you’re successful!
      The Wish program sounds really cool! I hope it helps you in the future when you need to know more practical things than just school work.
      Best of luck becoming a neurosurgeon,

  8. Hey everyone,
    Education is a tool that enables one to develop different skills and also interact with different people. As in my case, when i was in grade seven, we used to recite poems in the school and also in different occasions.Mostly, we could entertain the district officers when celebrating the national holidays. This helped me to build my confidence and i gained a lot of courage. In grade seven and eight i also participated in drawing competition. There was one time that i became position nine in a drawing competition and i was awarded. this motivated me and i also continued with my drawing in secondary school. In secondary school,we compete with different students and i also emerge among the winners. In school, i also engage myself in playing table tennis which is my favorite game. I participated the table tennis and i went up to district levels and i was issued with a certificate.Through this,i got to interact with different people from different schools and i got to learn more from them. I was able to know their views about the education that they get. I have also gained different skills from my physics class. This is because i knew how to connect wires and light a bulb. I am so happy to get this skills.In my opinion, getting education is very advantageous since when one is educated, one can engage themselves in different fields.

    • Hi Lucy!

      I really enjoyed reading your comment! Congratulations on all your accomplishments. It’s evident the amount of passion you’ve put into your drawing, the game of tennis and the poems. When I was younger, I used to take tennis lessons, so I can relate to your devotion to the sport. 🙂

      On the other hand, I know that you’ve taken Physics at school. What are your other favourite classes?


    • Hey Lucy!
      Congratulations on acquiring the skills to connect wires and light blubs I myself and not very good at physics and would not be able to do something like that and also your certificate for tennis. I am so glad that you enjoy interacting with others schools and students like myself. We learn so much from all of you and it is amazing seeing how you guys are doing. Arts was always a passion of mine as a child but I mostly devote my time to school now and I am happy to see you can still provide time for a sport that you enjoy. Are there any subjects you find specifically difficult and in your educational experience what might have been some obstacles you needed to overcome?
      Sienna Saunders

    • Hello Lucy,

      It seems like you have a lot of great skills. I’m glad that you are interested in different types of education like how you can enjoy table tennis but also like to learn about drawing.
      It’s really great that you enjoy reciting poetry. Public speaking is truly beneficial.
      Do you have any favourite poems that you’ve recited?

      -Shieva Mokhtarnameh

  9. Hi everyone.
    As for me education is the key to success. Education life is the most toughest life but since we know that we are going to ripe good fruits by applying the skills we are getting from being educated we just try our best to live it the best way possible. personally, my education life has not been that simple. waking up at 4:00am and going to bed at 10:30 pm is not easy it requires a lot of commitment. But all in all I like that life since am learning more day by day and am sure that am growing in terms of knowledge. In my community, educated people are the most valued people in the society .They are the most respected people and they are also given better opportunities of waking in big companies or given large salaries simply because they are educated. this really motivates me since I know that one day I will also be in that position. This makes me value my education.
    Being a student is another thing that makes me happy It is through it that I visited different places as I try to explore places as I learn more. At school I used to participate in music and also in volleyball. This has granted me an opportunity of visiting different places and so I never lack an answer to any question about the nature. Education also helps me to distinguish between the wrong and the right. Its through education that I gained different life skills and also knowing different tribes of people and how to interact with them.
    Thank you for reading.

    • Hey Rose!
      It sounds really difficult to wake up at 4:00 am and go to bed at 10:30 pm. At my school in Canada, school doesn’t start until 8:20 am, and it ends at only 3:12 pm. Honestly, though, it feels weird to be talking about those times like they’re late and short because it doesn’t feel like it. I can’t even imagine what it must be like for you to have such a long day. Is it all work or do you get breaks during your day? And when do you have time for homework? Do you get homework?
      I also find it very interesting how much importance your community puts on educated people. Education is absolutely very important here, but it’s not the only possible path. Although some people value education/school as the most important thing, a lot of others value other things, like sports or art, and they could have legitimate futures in those areas. Because educated people are the most valued in your society, does that make you feel pressured to succeed, or stressed out? Or is it just normal for you, so you don’t really notice it?
      It’s amazing that education has helped you so much!
      I can’t wait to hear back from you,

  10. Hi everyone,
    Education is one of the most important thing in life.Without education in Kenya you we really suffer a lot.In my community that is the a Masai they do not really value education to girls but am fortunate to have education. Recently in my community girls were married off at a tender age and married off to old men in the community.I really appreciate pamoja for paying my fees making my stay in school comfortable. I have really learnt allot in school. Education has empowered me to became a responsible lady in life.It has also enabled me interact with different people from different tribes. Education has also helped eradicate some norms in our society eg female circumcision.
    Am in grade 11 and i really enjoy reading chemistry and mathematics.My best topic in chemistry is moles and organic chemistry.At first i did not like doing the sums in moles but i came to enjoy doing the since there is no much thinking.i always ensure that i do at least three sums a day.I enjoy doing mathematics since its fun and involving.
    I have attended mathematics and chemistry contest in different schools.Our school emerged the best and we were rewarded.

    • Hi Loise!

      Here, everyone has easy access to school, and it’s so normal that many people will skip days or drop out when they’ve had enough of it. Has education helped you avoid being married off? How do you feel about the other girls in your community that have been married off?

      You seem really good at science and math! I hope that helps you go farther in your education, and be able to then help people back in your community and elsewhere.

      Here, I don’t think we have any super harmful cultural norms like female circumcision that need to be eradicated, but there are definitely lots of norms or ideas that are offensive or uninclusive, as well as people that support them.

      • hi….hope your fine I really feel bad about my fellow girls who are married off at tender age by their parents and am really grateful pamoja for paying for my school fees hence I can access school easily..

  11. Hey everyone,
    I study at Njoro Girls High School in grade eleven. I am graduating my high school next year. My studying life has been the best thing for me .I am always working hard in order to achieve the best out of twelve years that I am in school. I remember there was a time when I was very poor at Mathematics but I consulted my teachers who were very willing to assist me and now am better at mathematics. My best subject is Christian Religious Education which I always emerge the best student in grade eleven .
    I also like sciences since am hoping to take medicine as my course. During my education experience, I have been exposed to many life qualities such as honesty, courage and also confidence mainly though the PA-MOJA mentorship at Daraja Academy. Education has really transformed my life though the help of the PA-MOJA group. THANKS SO MUCH PA-MOJA.

    • An interesting mix of favorites Christian studies and Science. I love that. Medicine is a wonderful field to aim for. When I was your age I had no idea what I wanted to do. I just kept taking courses in University and Highschool that kept all my options open. I ended up teaching and couldn’t be happier. But honestly didn’t see it coming. ☺

  12. Hi Ellen
    Am happy to read your comment on education. I see that you loved writing speeches which was fun and interesting .Congratulations Ellen.

  13. I am really happy of my education experience because it has enabled me to be able to some life problems.This is all thanks to the subjects we do in school.

    I remember this year in my Physics class we were introduced to the topic about electricity.It was not easy for me.I was expected to be able to connect the wires,the batteries and bulbs without the teacher’s help.On the first few days it was a bit hectic for me to connect the wires for the circuit to be complete.I thus decided to research about electricity on books and online.I spent three night preps doing the research and at the same time I had to spare time for my assignment.After all the hard-work I was able to complete the circuit and the bulbs lit.Our teacher was happy and even choose me to help my classmates.I was also very proud of my efforts,that made me to love everything about electricity.

    Its all thanks to education that I can now help people at home in anything to do with electric appliances.I also happy that at least I did something I love.

    • Hey Beth!
      It’s really cool that you learned so much about circuits and got to help out your classmates. My science class just finished a unit on electricity and no one was prepared for the final test, so I understand first hand how it was difficult for you in the beginning. It’s good that you could use your prep time to study it. You also must have learned way more about electricity in your class than I did because although I learned the basics, I didn’t learn nearly enough to actually help anyone with electrical appliances.
      Do you think that you like electricity and circuitry enough to go into a career involving it?

  14. that great Elisabet its amazing to hear that you are really interested about digestive system. I also like studying anatomy especially in the topic of reproductive system.I studied this topic when i was in grade 11.its really a good and interesting topic.
    keep up the spirit liza!!

  15. Hello!

    There are quite a few things that I’m proud of in my educational experience. That could include projects, results on tests and even just participating in class but what I think I’ll hold on to for forever is my ability to become very passionate. I’ve been through a lot of phases where I’m super interested in something and I’ll completely indulge in it. I’ll put all of my energy into it and find satisfaction in having knowledge about it.

    A good example of this would be that in grade 7, we started learning about the human body in science class. I should probably mention that I started watching Grey’s Anatomy a couple months prior but I didn’t like biology or the human anatomy. I thought the entire concept of medicine was bloody and gross. When we first started learning about the digestive system, I fell in love. I became very ambitious and decided that I was going to master this biology unit. I went home and started researching. I remember spending entire weekends on WebMd. For school we had to memorize a simple chart of the digestive system and when I was called up to write something down, I just kept going and going until the chart was filled with unheard of body parts. It was the best feeling ever because I felt like I was good at something. That taught me how much I love being ambitious. Unfortunately, I haven’t been as interested in a school topic since then but I’ve still educated myself in some other subjects like geography, travel, conspiracy theories and astrology.

    Overall, school has taught me how to analyse different things so that I can form my own opinion that may differ from everybody else’s. It taught me to be skeptical as well as passionate. I’m proud of my entire educational experience because I became an independent thinker.

    Thank you very much,

    • Hi Elisabet,

      I really enjoyed reading your post! It’s evident how passionate you were on this project. Furthermore, it’s awesome to read how school has helped shape you into an “independent thinker”.

      I would definitely recommend you to take Anatomy and Physiology 12. The course does center on our body systems, similar to what you’ve learned in grade 7 science. I took this course in grade 11, and I’m peer-tutoring it this year! Ms. Stuart and Ms. Martin both make it a super intriguing topic to learn. Consequently, it’s a really engaging course. By taking this Anatomy and Physiology, you would hopefully be able to revisit that “ambitious sentiment”!


      • Hi Alison,

        Thank you so much for letting me know that there’s an anatomy and physiology class at Best because I was not aware of that.

        Thank you,

        • Hi Elisabet,

          No problem! It’s great how you’re aware of this course now. Although this isn’t necessarily a prerequisite, Life Sciences 11 would also be an awesome course for you to take. When I took it, Life Sciences 11 was called Biology 11, and Anatomy and Physiology 12 was called Biology 12. The names have all changed now which can be confusing!

          Life Sciences 11 goes over viruses, taxonomic principles for classifying organisms, etc. You can read more about it here: .

          Are you planning on taking other to STEM related subjects in the future?


    • that great Elisabet its amazing to hear that you are really interested about digestive system. I also like studying anatomy especially in the topic of reproductive system.I studied this topic when i was in grade 11.its really a good and interesting topic.
      keep up the spirit liza!!

    • Hi Elisabet,

      I enjoyed reading your post very much. Although I am not studying Biology you have made me to desire to learn more about human body.

      I hope you still desire to learn more.I believe that one day your effort will pay very well.Keep up that spirit!


    • Hi Elisabet
      I am very happy to read your post.I also am taking Biology and it is a very good subject to study .This is because it teaches us more about ourselves.Continue working hard until you fulfill your dreams.

  16. Hello!
    I’ve been in French immersion since kindergarten and in Canada, most French immersion kids participate in (or have at least heard of) a competition called the “Concours d’Art Oratoire” run by an organization called Canadian Parents for French. I started writing speeches and participating in the competition in grade 2 and in grade 4 I won the best speech in my class and presented in front of the school. My Middle School also participated in the Concours and in grade 6, I won not only in my class, but also in the competition out of my whole school, and went on to place first at districts. With that, I made it to provincials.
    I had to practice every single day, and by the end of it, I could rehearse my speech completely by memory, in any way I wanted. I knew my speech so well, that for a year and a half after the whole competition was over, I could still recite it almost entirely! As well as this, the middle school competitions also involved being able to answer one or two questions about your topic afterward, which meant that I knew far more about bilingualism (which was my topic) than what I actually presented. However, none of that made any of the rounds of competition any less stressful. I didn’t place at provincials, unfortunately, but my loss only made my resolve to make it back the next year greater.
    In grade 7, I settled on the topic of dangerous beauty fads and techniques used around the world in the past. I researched everything from arsenic powder makeup in England to foot binding in China. I had my speech completely memorized for my in-class presentation and won. I went on to win out of my school and at districts, finally going, once again, to provincials. This time around, I knew what to expect but it didn’t make me less nervous. In fact, if anything, knowing what to expect made me MORE nervous because I knew how good the competition was going to be. After so much stress, my hard work paid off and I placed third.
    I know it happened a while ago (it has almost been 2 years) but it definitely was one of my proudest academic moments. Our grade eight classes didn’t participate in the Concours, and it’s not mandatory for high school so I probably won’t ever do it again, but the speech competitions absolutely taught me a lot and were amazing experiences!
    I am proud of the amount of effort and dedication I put into my speeches — both writing and memorizing them — and of how much they taught me about my own learning. I am also proud of how well I handled the stress of the competitions because although they didn’t matter for my grades, it always felt as though my teachers and peers were counting on me to succeed.
    I’m excited to read what everyone else writes about their education experience, and thanks so much for reading mine!


    • Hi Ellen!

      It was amazing to read your comment, and it’s impressive how you placed third in the provincials of the Concours d’Art Oratoire. Congratulations! There’s no doubt that you’ve demonstrated a lot of dedication and perseverance. In grade 7, I participated in the same competition and made it to the districts. From this similar experience, it helps me connect and understand first-hand the amount of hard work is needed to do these speeches. I know that, at Charles Best, we have a Poetry in Voice competition. If you are interested, I definitely recommend you to try it out! I believe that you can choose between either presenting all your poems in English, or having half of your poems in French.


    • Hi Ellen,

      Congratulations! The amount of times you won competition for your class and the fact that you were able to not only go to the district level but place at the provincial level is quite impressive. I have also been in French Immersion since the beginning, so I also needed to make a speech in french and perform it in front of my class almost every year until high school. In grade 2, I was chosen to perform in front of the school, and in grade 5, I was not only chosen to perform it in front of the school, but I also made it to the district level. I never did go beyond that, however. From what I can remember, the people I was up against seemed to be incredibly passionate about their topics, and I think that when you’re really passionate about something and you keep on persevering, you can go a long way.
      Excellent post!

      – Jessica

    • Hi Ellen,

      I’ve been in your class from grade 2 to grade 8 and I can surely say that you are a confident presenter. Whenever you start talking about something you know lots about, you become very into whatever you’re saying and so it makes sense that you would win the Concours d’Art Oratoire. I just want to congratulate you even more because I went up against you in elementary school (I think) and it’s a very difficult thing to win. You’ve shown your presenting skills in other ways too, like the slam poem in grade 7 and the socials inca project last year.


    • Hi Ellen
      Am happy to read your comment on education. I see that you loved writing speeches which was fun and interesting .Congratulations Ellen.

  17. Hi everyone!
    When it comes to school, I am sure that almost everyone can agree that receiving high grades are something that give you a sense of pride. However, it is even more satisfying when you feel that you were able to accomplish something meaningful that had an impact on yourself and/or others.
    For myself, I lead a class discussion in my English 12 class on the subject of abortion, and I am proud of how successful it was. I am not sure what grade I received on it (I never checked), but I think I did well because my teacher congratulated me on leading a great class discussion after I was done. However, what I am most proud of about this class discussion was not my grade.
    Leading up to the date, I was very nervous because I am not very comfortable with public speaking, and I was worried that people would be disinterested and not have much to say on my topic, which would hurt my grade. Therefore, to prepare, I did thorough research on the topic of abortion, making sure to look up reliable information and statistics, not opinions. Then, on the day of the class discussion, I had to go up to the podium in front of our class, present the topic, provide some background information, and ask them for their opinions on certain aspects about the topic.
    The reason why I was so proud of this class discussion is because even though I was nervous to do this, I was able to lead an extremely engaging discussion between my classmates by presenting various pieces of information on the topic and asking for their thoughts on it. I’m not supposed to say what exactly students said since it is a controversial topic, but I would say that most people were on the same side of the debate, and although there were a couple people who had different opinions, everyone was able to respectfully disagree and explain their point of view, which was really nice to see. Because most people are not very familiar with abortion laws, I was asked about certain aspects of it that they were unclear about and because I had done so much research beforehand, I was able to answer their questions.
    Overall, I was very proud of this discussion for a number of reasons. For one, even though I was very nervous leading up to it, I was able to calm myself down in a matter of minutes after the class discussion started. The discussions last for approximately half an hour, so it was important that I wasn’t panicking the entire time I was up there, and I am proud that I was able to keep myself relaxed because I am always aiming to become more comfortable with public speaking. Another reason I am proud of this class discussion is because I was able to lead a discussion on a topic that I consider very important and relevant today, and I am glad that my classmates were also passionate about it. I think everyone, including myself, became much more educated on the topic and were able to glean different perspectives from this. Finally, I am proud of the amount of research I put into this because not only am I more knowledgeable on the topic, but I was able to teach my classmates about it more thoroughly and answer their questions. I was also able to interject in the conversation with an interesting fact that I thought was appropriate and relevant based on where the conversation was headed, and the class seemed to be quite reactive to the information I told them and it spurred the discussion even further.
    Anyways, that’s one experience I’m proud of in my educational experience. I’m eager to hear other what other people have to say!
    Thanks for reading!

    • Hi Jessica,

      Leading a class discussion on a controversial topic is, by no doubt, a difficult task. In addition, public speaking can cause a lot of nerves. Congrats on the hard work that you’ve demonstrated in this project!

      In grade 8, I did a science project where I similarly challenged myself. Because we were doing a unit on cells, our assignment was to either to do a poster, a edible model or a song. To challenge myself, I decided to write and sing a song. I was nervous from the anticipation of presenting it in front of the class. As I often “shied” away from participating in class, my teacher was surprised for my choice. Consequently, he made me “the student of the week”. I was proud of my accomplishment and perseverance I initiated. 4 years later, I’ve developed and grown a lot.

      Jessica, I remember that you also did this project! What do you remember from this experience?

      I enjoyed reading your post,

      • Hi Alison!
        Yes, I do remember having to do a project on cells and the different functions of the organelles, and that we had different options on how we wanted to present it, such as by creating a song or a poster. For mine, I seem to recall that I did a poster that had metaphorical drawings to represent the function of each organelle, but I cannot remember all the drawings I did. For that reason, I kind of wish I did a song like you because I think a song would be an even more useful memory aid, but I thought that making a poster would be the safer option at the time. Great job for getting out of your comfort zone, though!
        I do remember one thing from my project, however, and that was comparing one of the cell organelles – the Golgi apparatus, I believe – to the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter. As you know, I’ve always been rather obsessed with Harry Potter, so when I came up with the idea of drawing the Sorting Hat for one of the organelles, I was really excited about it and I think that’s why I can still remember it to this day. Therefore, I believe that making connections from what you’re learning in school to things you are already familiar with in your life is a great way to learn if you want to be able to remember things long term.

        • Hi Jessica!

          I definitely agree with you. Making connections from what you’re learning in school is a great way to learn if you want to be able to remember things long term.

          I often find that when we are cramming too much information in and not making connections, we aren’t able to retain that information. For example, in Biology 11, the main idea was to memorize all the concepts from the textbook. We had to understand all the different aspects of each phyla from reproduction to how they release waste. It was very complex and involved a lot of hard work to memorize. Even so, if you asked me now to explain the digestion structure of the organisms from all the different phylums, I wouldn’t be able to give you an in-depth explanation. Evidently, I remember the key aspects of that course, but not the fine details.

          Do you have any examples of courses where you were faced with a similar situation?


  18. Hi everyone!

    From my educational experience, I have developed different things I’m proud of. For example, as I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, I’m gratified of my work with Miracle Movement. I am especially proud of how I grew this club into a strong community of people with the same vision. In the last school semester, Miracle Movement was mainly formed from last year’s grade 12s. I struggled a lot to attract new members into the club. In our first meeting, only 5 new people showed up. However, after Clubs Day, Miracle Movement boosted in members where 30 students signed up. Their passion for pediatric health moves us to a positive direction. From our first sale, we collected nearly $400 in profit!

    I’m also proud of the perseverance and initiative I’ve strengthened in my high school career. With a friend, I started a new club focused on wellness being. Furthermore, I participated in different volunteer and work opportunities. During the months where I would be either working or volunteering 26 hours a week, I still was able to maintain a high average last year. I’m proud of how I was able to balance a difficult schedule.

    All the experiences I faced are important to me because they help develop and shape me. I learned different skills from different responsibilities I had!

    I’m interested on what everyone else has to share! Thank you so much for reading.


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