Action Post 4 – Step 2

*Here is a post on the completion of the planning part of my project, under the Action instruction of “Step Two Action Post”. Some of the instructions found under the instruction page of this step will not be written here because I wrote the answers to them in my previous posts – Action Post Plan Part 1 and Part 2. Here are the missing details to some instructions that were not already listed in those posts.

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In my project I am planning on creating care packages including basic health and hygiene care products, as well as non-perishable food items and water bottles. I am hoping to be able to help out people living in vulnerability and poverty with this project, breaking down the walls of stereotypes and discriminatory isolation, and create a platform or opening to start to all join together in unity and help each other in times of trouble. I am hoping to make the lives of people living in poverty a little bit easier, even if only for a short period of time. I hope that others will be inspired by my project and the work I do, and that they will feel motivated to start to work and help others as well.

Some complexity that I may face throughout my action is being able to raise enough money, receive enough donations, and have a large enough budget of personal money to buy the items. Health and hygiene products are very expensive and it will be difficult for me to be able to successfully buy everything while still remaining under budget. Another complex situation may be distributing the packages. If I were to do it on my own there are some dangers that could come along with this, as well as just personal struggling with traveling and transporting all the packages with me. With these complexities there are a few solutions: I will promote donation giving for money as well as objects online and through friends and family as well. When travelling with the packages, perhaps I could do it through an organization so everything remains safe and the packages go to the right people.

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This action is sustainable if everyone works together to spark change. In this project, I am giving other people the opportunity through donations to be able to contribute to helping other people. If other people want to do the same, then not only is the project being maintained, but it is also being passed on. This means that the end goal of breaking stereotypical and discriminatory views will be abolished and people will be able to help each other in unity. This also means that the project is sustainable.

My project does not only give opportunity to people in poverty, but it also provides opportunity for people to be able to take initiative to help others in poverty. By giving to people in poverty, this gives them the opportunity to get back on their feet a little bit, even if only for a short time, perhaps to seek further aid in getting back on the right track. The opportunity given to other people to help and donate will give them the opportunity to get more involved and start making change themselves and share it with others.

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(“The Expert” part of this post can be found in Action Plan posts 1/2.)

Overall, my project will have complexity and difficulties, but with other people helping it will help overcome these difficulties, as well as sustain the project and give opportunities to people.

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  1. Hey Jessica!

    Another great action post! Like I mentioned in a previous comment, our actions are similar in a sense, so it is quite interesting for me personally to read about your goals with your project. I read that you wrote how you are hoping to break stereotypical and discriminatory views and I think it would be nice if you elaborated a bit more on how this would be accomplished through your action. I believe this is the key to making an action sustainable, so looking into it and explaining more would be awesome. 🙂

    Overall, great job!

    • Hi Heeva,

      Thanks for your feedback! Yes, I will be talking more in depth about the effects of my project in a reflection post in the future for what I have done so far. I am also very intrigued by your project! It is great to see other people taking initiative to help work to solve important issues like poverty.

      Jessica O’Brien-Visbisky

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