Action Plan Report #2


This is my second reflection of my project of helping kids at their hockey practices and teaching them good healthy habits, since my first reflection I have not seen much change, and this may be a good thing. I have been reminding the kids and parents to make sure their kids are ready for the hard work of hockey; this is just simple things like bringing water to the bench or making you have (had) food for before or after practice.Image result for drink water kids hockey Since I have been reminding parents, I have seen a lot less kids telling me they don’t have water during a water break. I think that if I just keep reminding them at such a young age it will drill it into their brain that when they are working out, they need water. I have even had kids tell me that they reminded their parents that they needed water. I think that a lot of these parents are extremely busy and can often forget simple things such as water for their kids during sports practice. It is an extremely important thing that parents seem to so easily forget. I will continue to try to push this on the kids and parents and if I have lots of success with that I will try to explain to the kids and parents how important it is that the kids eat a full meal before they come out to practice. Image result for kids hockey health

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