Sienna Saunders – Post #2: – Background Research

Post #2: – Background Research

Do some research on your possible action areas (or your specific action you have already chosen) that you listed in your Action Post #1.

1.) Provide a summary of your action chosen


  • I have multiple actions that I would like to complete. For the first section of my goal I decided to focus on Global Goal 15: LIFE ON LAND. I was recently accepted as a BC SPCA Volunteer and hope to help animals that are in need of rehabilitation and caring. I have now had two shifts and I am excited to continue volunteering. At the moment I am a small animal welfare attendant. In order to move on to a cat welfare attendant I must complete a work shop that will be on December 9th.
  • This workshop will be step 2 in this action. I will be completing both the cat wellness workshop and dog wellness workshop. This is one of the lasts steps of this specific action because I hope to volunteer for the SPCA for a long time. After completing this I will move onto my next action.
  • My next step in completing all my actions is beginning volunteering for a “Hope for Freedom Society” again. This action appeals more towards the Global Goal: ZERO HUNGER, making meals for the homeless, serving meals and interacting with these people is my goal in this action.
  • My steps after this will now be to be sustain my actions and continue to participate in the organization that I have become involved with.
  • Another step that I might take through out all these steps is too be involved with the clubs I participate in both UNICEF and PROJECT HELLO in fundraiser and helping out weekly.



2.) One lesson in the talk is that ‘Everything is complicated’. Can you explain some of the complexity that you will face in your action?

  • In my action there will be complexity everywhere and especially when making sure that my action is helping. Time is a large issue because of my schedule and it is something that might make my action harder. There is also complexity in making sure I am helping as many people as possible that are in need. Being cautious and making sure that the organizations and groups that I will be working with will insure they are doing their best. When thing become complicated it is necessary and most important. In the ted talk they narrow their needs down to health, agriculture, water and education. Education was the most important and out my goals I believe each goal I will be focusing on is important.


3.) Is this action sustainable? Provide some specific examples to support your reasoning.

  • Yes, this action is sustainable and very personally rewarding. I don’t think I will loose passion doing my action because each organization I am participating in has moral and values that match mine. This action also does not require any purchases and the only obstacle might be making time. With the BC SPCA I have a set shift on Thursdays. This makes it easier for me to plan other things around it while still maintaining my grades. This is an action that is very sustainable because my shifts are weekly and planned.

4.) Is this action providing opportunity? How will you ensure you are making the positive impact that you intend?

Both my actions provide me with the opportunity to make good change. I insure that the organizations I work for are non profit meaning not making or conducted primarily to make a profit. Meaning all the money goes to the people or in my case animals I am helping. All my actions allow me to interact with others that are passionate about change and can make connection with the people I am helping.

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