Sienna Saunders – Post #1: Values Activity & Aligning this with Global Millennium Goals

Post #1: Values Activity & Aligning this with Global Millennium Goals

1.) a)What are your 3 most important values?

The three most important values to me are:

  • Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
  • Life on Land
  • Good Health and Well-being

b)What are your 3 least important values?

All of these values are important but least important to me is:

  • Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  • Responsible Consumption and Production
  • Decent Work and Economic Growth

    2.) Do you agree with the results? What do these values mean to you?

  • Yes, I do agree with the results and I believe each goal is very important to creating a healthy and peaceful community. Each of these goals reflect values of care and success to our society and following each of these goals will create a positive and healthier world all around. These values impact me because I would like to do as much as possible to incorporate as many as possible because they are all important to me, but I must chose actions that are practical and coincide with the goals I would like to achieve and values that are meaningful to me.

    3.) Research United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

a) Which one aligns with your values most?

  • I would not be able to chose which aligns with my values most because I have so many different values. I think that life on land is a very large one that I may look at in a larger sense that it is supposed to be. When I think of life on land I think of human beings, animals, plants, the environment and much more. Life on land to me reflects all aspects of life and making sure that all these development goals are met. I am very passionate about helping those in need and want to help those that do not have homes, or food, or money find joy and good health.

b) Which one is your passion Why? (This may or may be the same as (a))

  • I am a very passionate person, ZERO HUNGER and NO POVERTY are goals which are very important and I am very passionate about helping those in need and want to help those that do not have homes, or food, or money find joy and good health. Global Goal 15: LIFE ON LAND is a goal that I find personally interesting because I love animals and this goal to me is one that incorporates that. I have always loved animals and taking care of them. I care for others a lot and would be delighted to help those in need. I do not like to see others suffering even animals because at times it is not that person’s fault that they have been dragged into a certain situation or lifestyle.

c) Give one specific action you would like to apply to address this goal. If you are not sure of an action yet, list 2-3 possible actions you might like to start.

  • In the past I have volunteered with an organization called Hope for Freedom Society which helps bring men and women out of poverty and bad situations. I volunteered serving and preparing food for the homeless and not only did I feel that I help the people there but I got a chance to talk and connect with each one of them. This will affect both the ZERO HUNGER and NO POVERTY goals which are very important. One of my actions surround the Global Goal 15: LIFE ON LAND. I was recently accepted as a BC SPCA Volunteer and hope to help animals that are in need of rehabilitation and caring. In connection with this Global Goal, Noah had an idea to clean a beach down in Vancouver, this also help Global Goal 14: LIFE BELOW WATER hopefully cleaning the beaches can reduce the waste that goes into the ocean and we can protect other living things that are effected by this waste. At the moment I also participate in both the UNICEF and project HELLO club that I hope might give me even more opportunity to achieve these goals.


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