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Poverty Action Project Step 4, 1/4:

The Budget

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For my project, I have decided to put together multiple care packages which include basic hygiene products, foods, first-aid materials, clothing and water. To be able to accomplish this, I must start off with a budget to know what I can buy, how much each item will cost, and if I will need to cut anything off of the list. As a visual for what I have already planned on buying, these are the averages prices and how they add up to how much the cost for all materials will be in total:

Toothbrush- $3, Toothpaste- $2, Floss- $3, Sanitary wipes- $4, Deodorant- $4, Comb/Brush- $2, Q-tips- $3, Tissues- $2, Feminine care products- $4, Chapstick- $2, Band-aids- $4, Bottled water- $2, Cereal bars- $2, Beef jerky- $5, Gloves- $5, Socks- $8

If I were to follow this list, the total cost per care package would be $55 dollars, which is much too expensive for me. This means that I will have to prioritize items and find a budget. Of the list, I believe the most important objects to include in the care packages are:

Toothbrush- $3, Toothpaste -$2, Deodorant- $4, Tissues- $2, Feminine care products- $4, Band-aids- $4, Bottled water- $2, Cereal bars- $2. A total of $23 each.

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As of last week, I have started collecting some monetary donations, as well as objects from friends and family. I plan on making at least 10 packages to hand out. I have been donated enough tissues and toothpaste for all 10 packages. I have also received enough money for 2 packages. This means that my budget is now:

Toothbrush- $3, Deodorant- $4, Feminine care products-$4, Band-aids-$4, Bottled water- $2, Cereal bars- $2. A total of 19 dollars each, 190 dollars for 10 packages, subtracting 2 packages is $152, yet this is still very expensive.

To complete this action project successfully, I will need to create a budget that will be realistic to follow, but will also not be too expensive. This is where the donation options come in. I personally hope to spend not more than $100, give or take a bit, but to do this there needs to be people donating their objects, and I need to be able to share this message with other people. To do this, I will share my project with other people in the school, friends as well as family through social media as well as my daily interactions. I hope to be able to have been donated enough toothbrushes and band-aids for the packages, as well as money to buy the materials. If by chance I will have been donated enough money for extra items, I will refer back to my original list and prioritize items to buy for the packages.

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Overall, my budget for this project is around 100 dollars personally, without donations. In this part of my project, I have accomplished my mini-goal to figure out a reasonable budget and plan, so that I can sort my schedule out more accurately. I found that a lot of items are very expensive, and even if not, they add up quickly, as represented in this scenario. It was challenging to have to decide which were the most important items and which weren’t, because I am fortunate enough to live where I have access to all hygiene products, so when it came to decide, I found it very difficult. I overcame this by imagining which would be the most used, therefore the most important to have in the packages. I was successful in finding a solution to a plan for a budget, and how I would achieve it through donations, and sharing the message. It is important for people to donate and work together so that we can implement change all together. Finally, accomplishing this step helps lead me to my next step, because now I have a budget planned out and I will be able to successfully go out and buy the items needed with a limit in mind, which will help the project to stay well structured.

As a final note, I would like to let you know that if you personally are interested in making a donation (Dr. Charles Best Secondary), please come see me and let me know! All help and donations are appreciated, monetary or objects. Let’s start making change all together!

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  1. Hi Jessica,
    I like that you have taken on this initiative and are figuring this out on your own. It shows good problem solving skills and also care for others. I am thinking that it would be good to give people a reusable water bottle rather than a bottle of water. It might be possible to see if you can get them from the lost and found at the school, because we always have a few there. You could take them home and wash them. This way you are giving something that will be reusable. Also, I think we should chat about your plan of giving them away, when you get closer to that time. It might be better to work through some other organization rather than just driving around and giving them to people who seem to need it. This is both from a safety perspective, but also to make sure that you are reaching the right people. Sometimes we can make assumptions when we don’t have the whole back story.

    • Hello Ms. Stuart,

      Thank you! Yes, I do like the idea of giving people a reusable water bottle instead if I have access to them. I have not thought about checking the lost and found! That is a great idea.

      Also yes, I would love to talk to you about ways of delivering the packages in a safe and successful manner when you are available. I have had some rising concerns about both safety and transportation recently and would like to work out different strategies.

      – Jessica O’Brien-Visbisky

  2. Hey Jessica!

    I loved reading about your action project as in a lot of ways, it reminds me of my own! Helping out Vancouver’s homeless population is a great goal, and I’m glad to see someone else on this site who is working hard to do the same. The cost of each care package is quite high, but I think you did a good job of prioritizing and brainstorming ways to bring the price down.

    Overall, I think you’re definitely on the right path! Also, if you have the time, I definitely encourage you to check out my posts about Project HELLO – it seems like you would be a great fit for the club!!

    I look forward to reading your next post. 🙂

    • Hello Heeva,

      Thank you for the kind feedback! Yes, helping out with issues of homelessness is an important goal that I hope to do successfully in this project. However, it can be difficult when basic hygiene and care necessities are extremely expensive when brought together! It’s very disappointing as well to think of how many people struggle to have access to hygiene and health products.

      To address your note, I have been interested in joining Project HELLO recently, but it became too much for me with my schedule at the time. I would love to join perhaps later on this year or next year if possible! It sounds very interesting.

      -Jessica O’Brien-Visbisky

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