What will the next art movement be?- Second round of research

My question is: What will the next art movement be?

Hello! In my second round of research I will be asking “What information could help find where the next art movement will start?”

I must look to see where it would be most likely to have an art movement. I will use the place that most movements I have looked at have started in the past. I will look at struggles in different places that could be enough to spark a movement. Then I’ll look for new art tech (where its being used)

Looking at the movements I have researched, most of them started in France. That could be a hint that the next movement would follow the patterns of the past.

Hong Kong, Chile, France are protesting. In Hong Kong the protests are happening because a bill was being proposed that would let criminals be extradited to mainland china. The bill was withdrawn with conditions but still police and activists have a lot of conflict(3). In Chile the protests are happening because of economic inequality (4). Lastly, in France the protests are

happening because of an increase of fuel tax in order to boast their environmental status but they have also grown into an anti-establishment movement. (5)


Germany, UK, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Singapore, South Korea, Russia are struggling because they are in recession(1), meaning that their economy is declining a lot for at least six months.(6)There could be a movement in any of these places because their people are upset which means that an artist could express how they feel through art and relate to the people around them.


There are also technological advances in art that have led to new projects and could possibly lead to new movements. In Berlin there is a piece called “Rising Colorspace” that changes every day you come to see it because the artists have programmed a robot to paint for them little by little.(2)I think this is an interesting piece that could encourage artists to follow its footsteps. The idea of a “changing painting” could be executed in different ways. For example, maybe an artist could find a way for a painting to change with temperature.


Another potential movement could come from Russia. An artist namedDmitry Morozov made art out of pollution. He made a device that measures levels of air pollutants and then translates them into volts then a program translates those volts into a piece of art.(2) I think this piece or things like this piece could blow up because of the problems with pollution around our world right now.

The next piece that could become a movement comes from the US. An artist named Eric Standley makes art with paper that has been laser cut thin. He then stacks the paper to make designs.(2) I think this piece could turn into a movement because it is very intricate and detailed. It is easy to replicate and build off of if you have the right technology. Since the potential movement isn’t super restricting, artists could do a lot with the medium. The last potential movement also comes from the US. An artist named Chris Milk makes art that is interactive. When a person stands in front of the piece their shadow disintegrates into a flock of birds. I think interactive art could become a movement because its new. It’s a way to bring your audience into your work. It’s also very flexible and can allow artists to be creative.

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  1. Hello Shieva, great round of research. It was cool to see a bunch of different type of art using new technologies. My only suggestion is to maybe find a potential art movement from an artist in Canada. I look forward to reading your next post!
    Good luck

  2. Hello Shieva! Thankfully I do already know what your inquiry topic is but something I would definitely suggest is stating what your overall question is and doing a quick recap on what you discovered last time so that we don’t get too confused when reading your post. I would also suggest stating what will be coming in your next post. I think that it’s really cool how you mentioned about the “rising colourspace” art piece in Berlin. That’s kinda crazy to think that robots are starting to take over art. I could definitely see that becoming part of a future art movement. There are so many different kinds of art to explore and you have definitely covered some very interesting ones.You asked in your question “what are we thinking/wanting?” You talked about how different parts of the world are creating various pieces of art but overall, what is the majority wanting? can there be different art movements in different parts of the world and how is an art movement actually decided? Hopefully this site will help you in your research

    I know it’s only one site but this site has most/all of the art movements, the history and the different movements in different places


    🙂 🙂 🙂

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