Project Inquiry 2- Bees

1. Provide three steps for your research with a brief explanation of how this information will lead to addressing your question.

Pesticides/Insecticides – Research and Learn about these incredibly toxic chemicals.

Buying Produce/Agriculture – Knowing where to buy food, and where it comes from/how bees affect it.

Diseases/Bacteria – Learning more about what little insects or diseases effect bees, why and possibly how to stop it.

By learning more about these 3 steps it will really give me an idea of what is threatening bees; of course there is the obvious but I want to dig deep and see what I can do to help the little pollinators.

2. Provide 5 valid sources that might be useful to address the question.

(Credits to Lauren Jang & Madison Ciulla for suggesting some of these sites)

3. Explain how this question will have implications to other individuals and/or my community.

Bees affect everyone so by figuring out how to help them possibly in simple tasks I can make it easier for everyone to help bees. Whether we like it or not bees make sure many of our vegetation grows and without them; favourite things like almonds and blueberries will no longer exist, and that does affect us all.

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