Project Inquiry 1 – Bees

Question: What are simple steps to help the bees that everyone can do? I’m interested in saving the bees and habitat because they are such an important part of our lives. Even though there are many pollinators in the world, bees do the brunt of the work. I would like for everyone to be more knowledgable on bees because I feel like there is stigma around them. I know that for the future to go on we need bees and they’re dying too fast. Parts of China has even started self pollinating; meaning they pollinate by hand for hours. I want to learn how to do more for the bees, keeping the bees alive means keeping the earth alive. If I can learn to do more I can then teach others and hopefully everyone can collectively begin to help them before it’s too late. I plan to learn about what diseases and illnesses they get, certain conditions they have to live in, what makes bees, bees, and by putting this and more together hopefully we can help the bees continue to thrive and keep our earth flourishing.

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  1. Hi Vienna,

    Bees play a key factor in producing the food we eat, as they are the biggest group of pollinators out of all others. I totally agree with you that there is a stigma around bees, primarily because people are afraid to be stung by them. I think it would be beneficial for you to look into bee stings, which bees so sting people, and why they might sting people. Here are some websites that talk about bee stings:

    This is also a really good website that looks at the dependance we have on bees:

    I hope these sources help!!
    I am super excited to read your upcoming research on bees!!

    – Madison Ciulla

    • Thank you! I’m very interested in bee venom/stings I’ve heard they’re good for arthritis but I’d need more research on that. Thank you again for these links and your input I’m totally going to check them out.

  2. Hey Vienna,
    I love how you picked a topic that is in need of a lot of awareness. I remember the Cherrio commercials advocating for saving the bees by removing their mascot from the cereal boxes. The passion and knowledge you have behind the topic, is quite amazing because as you mentioned bees are an important aspect to the world due to them being pollinators. Perhaps in your research rounds you could include the reasoning behind why they became in danger, what factors lead to this outcome? Anyways here are some links for the future, all the best!

    • Thank you so much! I didn’t know about the Cheerio commercial I’ll check it out. Plus I’ll definitely take a look at the links and include them in my research.

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