Ella Wood-About Me!

My name is Ella, I’m in Grade 12, and I go to Langley Fine Arts School, where I major in drama, so I really love performing for others and being on stage. my favourite thing is when I make others laugh and affect them in a positive way. I think it would be really cool to make a difference in someone else life for the better too! I love being in big groups with lots of things happening, I always have lots of stuff happening in my life, because I love being busy, whether its spending time on stage, or with friends and such.  when I relax my favourite thing to do is just lay under the sun, and in the summer I love to go to lakes all over and this year I just got my drivers license so I was able to go to even more lakes which was so cool because I love to discover new waters where I can spend time!

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  1. Hi Ella,

    Visiting lakes is always so relaxing, and peaceful. During the summer I also visit many lakes mainly in the Okanagan and Osoyoos. Do you have a favourite lake you like to visit? Maybe you might consider doing an inquiry project that looks at researching the environments around lakes, and the animals that live in the lake and surrounding land. This might open up the possibility to look at how much we interfere with these ecosystems, and the human actions that might be putting these environments in danger. This is just an idea to get you started in case you’re unsure of what you would like to do! But if you do seem interested, here are some websites that look at the habitats around lakes, and the importance of protecting them in every way we can:


    Good Luck! I am excited to see what you decide to research!!

    – Madison Ciulla

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