Cycle #1 – My Action Post #3

Hi everyone! 

Welcome to another Action post. To give everybody a background on my project, I lead a club called Miracle Movement at school. The goal of our club is to raise awareness on pediatric health. We do this by initiating campaigns and hosting small fundraisers in support of BC Children’s Hospital.   

In my last post, I mentioned how we finished planning our first event of the year. It was a bake sale. I explained my successes and challenges from that project in that post.  However, Miracle Movement has now shifted our focus. Thus, we’re currently planning our next event which is still in the making.  

Our next idea is to start a donation campaign. It’s still undecided what sort of donations are going to be. However, some of our options include used/new school supplies, toys and holiday cards. During the past years, Miracle Movement has been initiating similar events. An idea we would like to take forward would be to combine a hot chocolate stand with our event table. We previously handed out the drinks for free. Whether that be the same or not will be discussed in our future meetings.  

However, Miracle Movement has been currently attempting to contact the Patient Experience team at BC’s Children’s Hospital. Unfortunately, it has been difficult to start a non-monetary donation request because we were redirected and had to call back repeatedly. Another challenge we faced was the guidelines for these donations. For example, they do not accept used/handmade items due to infection control regulations and allergies. There is a potential that we may be instead donating to one of C&W’s Thrift Shops or other organizations with the goals/vision as BC Children’s Hospital. Fortunately, for monetary donations (ex. from our previous bake sale), we would be able to directly donate online. 


If this event were to move forward, it would be during mid December. Similarly, to our Bake Sale, we would need to submit an event form. A challenge we could face here would be scheduling our event because many other clubs could also be booking times. To overcome this challenge, we would need to submit our form early. Furthermore, we would also need to create posters and create an announcement to send to the office.  

For more information on the regulations for non-monetary donations, please visit:  


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  1. Hello Alison! It’s very cool and inspiring that you are running your own club despite the difficulties that seem to be coming your way. One thing I would suggest especially if you are going to do your donation would be lots of advertising. Posters and announcements, like you already mentioned, are definitely good and I think you should set them up early and have a clear date set so that if someone had a donation to make they could prepare to bring the old school supplies, holiday cards ext. It sounds pretty difficult to contact or donate to the BC children’s hospital. I think for the second semester you should put in more announcements and posters for joining miracle movement. I didn’t see many posters around the school at the beginning of the year and I think if you recruit more members or even teachers it may increase your chances of being able to contact the BC children hospital. I wish you luck with your club and I will definitely be awaiting the donation day! 🙂

    – Cynthia Quinn

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