Action Post #3

Hey everyone!

Welcome to my third action post of the year! For those of you who are new to my project, I’ll provide some backstory. At school, I lead a club named Project HELLO. HELLO stands for Helping Everyone Locate Loved Ones. As a group, our main goal is helping Vancouver’s homeless population through the reconnecting of families and various other activities.

In my previous post, I talked about recruiting new members during Club Day, a recap of our meetings, and an intro to our first trip. In this post, I’ll be giving more updates about the club.

The Fundraiser

Our expected date for the fundraiser is November 19 or 20. Like I mentioned in my last post, our club has a popcorn machine, so we will be doing a popcorn sale along with a bake sale. For the bake sale aspect, I am going to ask the club members to each bring something. However, when I tentatively asked the group who would be willing to bake, no one volunteered…which is a bit concerning. I’ve been Image result for popcorn  clipartbrainstorming ways to encourage my members to participate. I think I am going to say that members can either sign-up to sell items during their lunch block or bake items, or both if they so chose. But, each person must contribute in some way. Hopefully, this will initiate some more action with the fundraiser. I’m going to be bringing up this idea during our meeting on Wednesday, so I’ll make sure to update you in the next post!

The Trip

Previously, I stated that our first trip date is November 24. However, as it turns out, I am getting my wisdom teeth removed the day before. Since this is the first trip, I think it’s important for me to be present; so, I changed the date to the following week – December 1st. I feel sorry for having to change the date after confirming it, but the group was really understanding which I appreciate greatly. In an upcoming meeting, I’m going to have to explain more in detail how the trips downtown work, and when I do, I’ll explain in my post too.

The Holocaust Symposium

This is a little unrelated to the goal of our club, but I thought it was worth mentioning.  My school is hosting a symposium this Thursday, and my vice president and I have been asked to speak for a couple of minutes about Project HELLO. We have made our own script and PowerPoint and we are both excited to present!

That’s all for this post! This one was a little on the short side as a lot of things are in the works, but have not been effectuated quite yet. However, I am very excited for what’s to come!

Feel free to leave me any feedback or suggestions in the comments below!

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  1. Hi Heeva,
    I think it’s good to share some of the challenges as well as the successes because it makes it very transparent about what it takes to run a club. You might want to have a discussion with your group about what they want to do to promote and fundraise. Maybe people will give suggestions, or maybe at this point they will see that bringing something for a fundraiser isn’t difficult. I think the more you engage them, the more they will feel connected to the cause. Good luck.

  2. Hi Heeva,

    Great post! It’s amazing to see how your Action is coming together.

    In the section The Fundraiser, I liked how you mentioned the challenges you were facing and the potential solutions you’ve decided to implement. The reality is that when people see the events that clubs plan, it’s often overlooked on the difficulties that the planning has encountered. To read the amount of dedication you are putting is admirable. It’s a good idea to encourage all the members to contribute to the club in a form. Another way you could get members to participate in the event could be to have some people make posters! You could also schedule a meeting dedicated to making posters and advertising. Another suggestion would be to hand in the event form as soon as possible if you are still planning the fundraiser on November 19th or 20th.

    Even so, I really enjoyed reading your post,

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