What will the next art movement be?- First round of research

My question is: What will the next art movement be?

Hello! In my first round of research I will be asking, “What has affected movements in the past?”

Here are 5 art movements of the past and what has mainly affected them.

(was it society, politics, religion, societal norms, technology, entertainment (like books or theatre), artists that came before them?).



In 1848 a revolution broke out in France and got rid of monarchy, so King Louis had to leave. Then a French Second republic formed. There was a revolt in France because workers wanted higher wages and better working conditions. The socialist camp (radical republicans and socialists) supported the worker’s demands. The revolutionaries were split between the people who wanted the worker’s demands to be fulfilled and the ones who didn’t. In the end the socialists were defeated, and the demands were not fulfilled. Socialist artists, like Gustave Courbet (2), who wanted to share their opinions on the matter, made Realist art to bring attention to the poor and working class. That’s also why realism paintings don’t have any joyous people in them; the artists are trying to show the truth of the matter. (1)

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Technology, Artistical Norms, Other artists

John Rand invented premixed paint in tubes. Now people could paint outside and on the go. (1)

In 1874 Claude Monet, Alfred Sisley and Pierre-Auguste Renoir started plein air painting (painting outside) which is why impressionism included scenes in nature and leisure areas. They wanted to steer their art away from conventional art, so impressionism became a style that focused on how things look in certain light or in person. (2)

Edouard Manet (realist) was an artist impressionism took inspiration from because of his use of colour, light, subject matter and brush strokes. (2)

https://www.metmuseum.org/toah/hd/imml/hd_imml.htm   (1)



Society and politics

In the 1900’s In Germany there was anxiety about the world’s loss of spirituality and authenticity. (1) Artists wanted to express their emotions. They did that by making paintings solely based on what they were feeling. There was also a world war in this generation which added to the stress of the people. (2)





Surrealism started in 1920 because artists wanted their art to feed their imaginations. They wanted to paint the things people couldn’t. In a sense they were rebelling against the orderly ways of art. (1) Sigmund Freud was influential to surrealism. Freud had ideas to bring attention to the unconscious mind as well as the conscious and surrealists agreed with him. (2)

https://www.artmovements.co.uk/surrealism.htm   (1)

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Abstract art started after WWII. (1) Abstract artists wanted to paint to cause emotions. Some believed that using certain colours or shapes would make their audience feel a specific way. Meaning that they had a plan for their painting and didn’t just throw paint onto a canvas. Other abstract artists painted in a more random manner so that their art could be spontaneous. (2)



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  1. Hey Shieva,
    I’ve never really looked into the history of art before, but honestly, it sounds pretty interesting. I like how when talking about each art form you tied it to the historical events that influenced it very clearly, and relayed all the important information in your post, in a very concise manner.
    If your overarching question is what art movements will there be in the future, maybe you could look into patterns in what affects the art. Is it the biggest event that happens, whether political, societal or otherwise or is there some sort of organization to the movements, rotating between influences. Also, I think it would interesting to look into the art movements happening elsewhere in the world because many of these seem to be Europe based. Were the same art movements happening in Asia, Africa and the Americas? Or were there other, less documented, or lesser-known art movements?

    Here are some sources that might help you:

    I’m looking forward to reading your next post!

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