Cycle #1 – My Action Post #2

Hi everyone! 

Welcome to my second Action post of the year! To give everybody a background on my project, I lead a club called Miracle Movement at school. The goal of our club is to raise awareness on pediatric health. We do this by initiating campaigns and hosting small fundraisers in support of BC Children’s Hospital.  

As I’ve mentioned in my last post, Miracle Movement was planning a bake sale on Thursday, October 17th. It was decided that this sale would be an all-day school event, and that it would go until the end of the parent teacher interviews. Unfortunately, we found out that there was an earthquake drill on the same day. As a result, we decided as a club to move the bake sale one day later to avoid any mishaps. Our sale was on Thursday, October 17th from 2:15pm to 7:30pm (for the Parent Teacher Interviews) and Friday, October 18th (worked as a day event at school) from 8:20pm to 1:50pm.  We sold bake goods on both days; however, hot drinks were only sold on Thursday afterschool. 

      Miracle Movement Bake. Date: October 17th, 2019.

To plan for our event, there were two main steps that needed to be taken: promotion and event preparation. To promote our event, we contacted the office to have to have an announcement printed on to Best Informer (Charles Best’s newsletter). This was done a week prior to our event. We also had some members write out posters. To prepare for our event, however, we created a signup sheet for members to bring baked goods and to volunteer for the event. Most members brought in their bake goods and volunteered on one of those event days. Miracle Movement also had reminders and event information sent out on the group chat!

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However, there were evidently difficulties when we were planning for this event. Because we only had two weeks to prepare for this event, we couldn’t successfully create enough posters to promote the event. This could be ameliorated next time as we wouldn’t be rushing against the clock. Our club was the first to have a fundraise this year. Furthermore, there was also the challenge of handling the coffee maker. For example, we didn’t know fully how to work the machine and one of the urns was acting up. Fortunately, we got some help from our teacher sponsor, and everything ran smoothly.   

Our bake sale was a success! The money we raised from the bake sale broke our previous record. I’m truly fortunate to be able to work with an amazing group of students! During the next meeting for Miracle Movement, it’s planned that we’d be reflecting on how the fundraiser went and brainstorming for our next event. All comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 


Thank you for reading my post!  


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