How computers and robots affect us and our future (Inquiry project)

How do improvements in computers and robotics affect us in both positive and negative ways and what does this mean for the future?

By: Josh Vas

From an early age, robots and computers have always fascinated me. This invention is relatively new and has had a profound impact on the world in such a short period of time. I believe that the invention of computers, especially the transistor has made our life easier in countless different ways giving meteoric rises to new billion and even a few trillion dollar businesses. But along with praise this invention has also been engulfed in criticism from stealing jobs to damaging eyes to raising violent people. It is my intention to dive deeper into the effects it has on us and analyze some of the myths and theories.

1st area of research: Take a look at the history of computers and some giant leaps and innovations that helped get computers and robotics to where it currently is, I will also look at the perspective and what the general public thought of computers in its infancy.

2nd area of research: View some of the effects that computers have on society today and also take in the varying perspectives from todays public on computers in its current stage. I will also be exploring some views and myths about computers.

3rd are a of research: Based on the trends that occurred in the first two areas, I will take a look at some new interesting pieces of tech and how it may have a possible effect on us. I will also be looking at new innovations that are set to disrupt the market and impact our daily lives.

Personal thoughts:

“I think there is a world market for maybe five computers” – James Watson, IBM, 1943

It’s easy for us to look back at this quote from this famous CEO and just shake our heads at what he had to say about computers. But back when this quote was uttered people couldn’t argue with him about how much of a gimmick computers were back then. Some even thought that computers wouldn’t be around for a long time and would just be a distant memory. But there was some thought and logic that went into this quote that was uttered in 1943, and the majority of people had similar views on computers for quite a long time, as the first portable computer did not come out until 1983, and even so, this computer was much bigger and bulkier than today’s desktops and workstations.




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  1. Hey Josh,
    Awesome project plan on the future affects of computers and robots! I like the approach you are taking for each of your rounds of research by separating them into past, present and future. It allows the readers to follow along and have a better understanding of your topic. Perhaps you could incorporate a brief definition of computers because it appears self-explanatory; however, it does affirm people’s perspective on the subject and makes sure everyone has the same information. Anyways, great research round with a cool quote on the bottom and I wish you all the best for your question. Here are some links on the history of computers for your first round.

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