About Me (Joshua Vas)

Hello, I am Joshua Vas, just call me Josh. I am a grade 11 student in Dr. Charles Best, I just recently turned 16. I am very interested in computers and how they function. I currently volunteer at a computer recycling store called “Free Geek”. I test hard drives, wipe them, tear down and rebuild desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones. I do sometimes take interesting finds lying around in a store. I currently have a blackberry classic, a nokia 3310, and an old iPhone 4.

I was born in Dubai, UAE and am of Indian ancestry. I mainly stayed in Dubai until I was in second grade, I learned how to speak English, Hindi, and Arabic. I forgot Hindi and Arabic after I came to Canada in grade 3 mainly because I didn’t speak the language anymore and generally forgot about it. I used to have an accent and I still do, but I improved my grammar and speaking skills a lot since grade 3.

I like physics, math, and programming in school. I however dislike chemistry and it is my least favourite subject. I joined butterfly effect as I wanted to get a little more involved in my school as I’ve never really bothered to join other extracurricular courses or clubs in my school in grade 9 or 10. I also wanted to step outside my comfort zone and become more engaged in the world and in my school and be a better global citizen.

Thank you for reading my post, if you did…

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