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Hello butterfly am  Dennis but people love calling me Denno and I love the name very much.Am in grade 10 but am almost finishing grade 10 and  joining grade 11.In school I love physics and geography because I want yo be an engineer after finishing my course at the university level.The reason why I joined butterfly effect is I am a scholarship student and I would like to share ideas with in different parts of the world more so those people outside our country Kenya.

I am from a school known as Tigithi a school everybody is familiar with.I love the school very much together with its teachers.I would like to do topic on gender inequality and I hope we shall cooperate with most of the the people here.I am a bantu a language known as “Kikuyu”.In our language we usually follow the culture the old people used to have  and I dont have much to say about our culture and language.

My favourite game more so in our school is football and volleyball.I love the games very much and we usually play them during our free time.Am very friendly with many people and I hope I will also make new friends here.On this being my first post,on my next post I will be concentrating on causes and effects  of gender inequality.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Good bye.

About denno

Hello everyone am Dennis Ngatia and this is my first year in butterfly effect.I am 17 years old and am in grade 11 now.I have been in butterfly effect for atleast one year now and it has helped me a lot.I would like to say that through butterfly effect I have been able yo learn many things and even people from outside our country and I appreciate that we usually talk with them very well.I dont think I have something that I have forgotten but if there is I will let you know.Bye.

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