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Sienna Saunders

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Step One:

I have multiple goals for my ACTION this semester. There are so many goals that I would like to achieve throughout this semester and there are three actions that I am hoping to take this semester. My first action that I wanted to participate in is more in connection with the first three Global Goals. These goals are: NO POVERTY, ZERO HUNGER and GOOD HEALTH AND WELL-BEING. I am very passionate about helping those in need and want to help those that do not have homes, or food, or money find joy and good health. In the past I have volunteered with an organization called Hope for Freedom Society which helps bring men and women out of poverty and bad situations. I volunteered serving and preparing food for the homeless and not only did I feel that I help the people there but I got a chance to talk and connect with each one of them. My sections action surround Global Goal 15: LIFE ON LAND. I was recently accepted as a BC SPCA Volunteer and hope to help animals that are in need of rehabilitation and caring. In connection with this Global Goal, Noah had an idea to clean a beach down in Vancouver, this also help Global Goal 14: LIFE BELOW WATER hopefully cleaning the beaches can reduce the waste that goes into the ocean and we can protect other living things that are effected by this waste.

Step Two:

I spoke to Andrew from Hope for Freedom Society, one of the directors of the organisation. I asked many questions about the organisation and how he feels people can help. When speaking to Andrew about his experience with the poverty throughout Vancouver he became very emotional and it was clear he felt a deep connection with these people. Previously while I was in one of Hope for Freedom Society’s recovery homes I had the chance to talk with two men staying there named Fernando and Brandon. Both were recovering addicts that now live in the homes in order to recover. Both men were very polite and were comfortable tell me about their story. Fernando had completed high school but previously to being in this home Fernando had been in jail. Brandon never got the chance to finish high but now is happily completing his GED at school. Hope for Freedom Society has motto and it is: WE CAN ONLY KEEP WHAT WE HAVE BY GIVING IT AWAY. In order to achieve the Global Goals I was given advice to donate, volunteer, help your community and others and LOVE YOURSELF. Loving yourself is very important being before you can help others you need understand and love yourself.

Before speaking with Andrew again for this action, I had previously met him while doing another project last year where my group and I got the chance to meet Fernando and Branden. If you would like to hear their stories check out this video 🙂

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  1. Hi Sienna,

    Awesome action plan! Your post was very detailed and organized. Even so, WOW! It is very evident that you are making the most out of your action. Not only are you balancing a difficult work and school schedule, but you are also very involved in volunteering. I’m excited for your next post to see how your next volunteer opportunity for Hope for Freedom Society goes. It would be intriguing to read the process of the event and the various challenges/successes you may encounter.


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