About Me – Giulia Bianchi

My name is Giulia Bianchi, I attend Charles Best Scondary and I’m in Grade 9. I am currently 14, and go to this school mainly for the art programs. My favorite subjects are Art, Graphics and English. The reason I like them is because they involve creativity and thinking outside the box. Writing and art are my passions and I hope to do something with them in the future. I was born in Canada, as well as both of my parents. My grandparents on both sides are Italian, but I do not speak the language at all.

During my spare time, I either draw, read or write. I usually listen to music while doing either of these activities. I prefer listening to artists that aren’t very popular yet (NF, Sasha Sloan, Alec Benjamin), or bands/artists that I think have meaningful lyrics (Linkin Park, Simple Plan, Billie Eilish). My favorite book series is Warriors by Erin Hunter and I find that literature is very important to me. Sometimes I might just let myself get lost in my imagination, which I find fun.

I joined this course because I wanted to try and help people, along with research a topic. If I find something interesting, I tend to dive deeper into it.


…I like Team Galactic too.

I published this late.

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