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Hi everyone,

This is my project plan for my first research cycle of the year and I’m happy to start researching about my question. The anatomy and physiology of the brain is a topic that I have always been interested in. That being said, psychology is definitely a part of that. Last year, my inquiry project was all about dreams and sleep and I honestly was so intrigued that I continued on with the project in semester only slightly altering my question to focus more on age. So for this year, I wanted to take a different approach to psychology and research about personality.
Over the summer, while out of town for about a week for a hockey camp, I met people from small towns in Alberta all the way to people from Alaska. I noticed everyone had very different personalities accompanied by completely different values and beliefs. However as far as I saw, many of those people got along very well, despite their differences. It made me start to think about how everyone’s different personalities were formed in the first place. I started thinking about the people who are regularly in my life, and how similar or different their personalities are to each other, as well as my own. It got me to start asking questions about how a person’s personality is developed.

Therefore, my inquiry question is “How is one’s personality formed?”

With this topic, I’m hoping that my research will educate others and they’ll be able to understand about personality. One of the topics I plan to research about is personality types, so perhaps people can figure out what personality type they are with my research, and if they are interested, they can do further research about it. They could possibly learn information about their personality type that could help them.

Research plan

Research round #1- Aspects of personality
For my first round of research, I thought it would be most logical for me to start off by looking into different parts of a personality. This includes different personality traits, personality types, etc.
Potential sources

Research round #2 – Nature vs nurture
For my second round of research, I am going to be researching about how genetics(nature) and the environment (nurture) can have an influence on personality and how the two differ.
Potential sources

12.3 Is Personality More Nature or More Nurture? Behavioural and Molecular Genetics

Research round #3 – Personality disorders
For my final round of research, I wanted to look into personality disorders-
How/ why are they formed?
What effects do they have on the individual?
How do they affect one’s personality change and development over time?
Potential sources

If you have any ideas or questions, feel free to let me know. Thanks for reading.

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