Inquiry Project and Plan

What starting time for school will benefit students the most academically, mentally and physically?

This question interests me because school takes up most of my time. I get home from school around 4:30 but school work doesn’t end there. Depending on the amount of homework I get, I usually go to bed late and in the morning, I get up early to leave my house at 7:15. During the school year, I’m less happy, less emotionally stable and very exhausted. I chose this question because I would like to understand why school can have a negative impact on student mental health.

My three steps of research:

1. How the starting time for schools impacts students.

2. School system in Finland and other school systems that have later starting times.

3. Difference between happiness rate of students from other countries to the happiness rate in Canada.

These steps are very useful to answering my question because it will educate me about this topic.

Valid sources:

This question impacts many groups of people. Students, teachers, staff, family members of adolescents and entire communities are affected by the school starting time and sleep deprivation in general.

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  1. Hey Elizabeth,

    Interesting inquiry question you have produced! I believe the idea of starting later or offering 2 different start times will be beneficial to students all around. Including the mental, academic and physical aspects of education is a great way to break down each of the rounds of research and I love the passion and eagerness behind the question. Perhaps in one of your research rounds, you could include the pros and cons of starting school at different times and form an idea of who would most likely benefit. For example, starting later could benefit a night owl but cause conflict for a student who has many activities after school. Anyways here is a link for the future and I look forward to reading your next post! 🙂

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