Action Plan

Action Plan

Noah Berg


My action plan is to help kids who are first starting hockey. I will make sure the have the support they need to help develop skills, love the amazing sport and continuing to play it through their life. I have always been involved in hockey and still remember the mentors who help me when I was first starting hockey.

I am involved in The First Shift program with Hockey Canada, the Vancouver Canucks, Canadian Tire, and the NHLPA (National Hockey League Players Association). I plan to use this program to help me achieve my goals while having a positive impact on the kids I am helping. This program is all about helping kids start hockey and be ready to play their “first shift.” All the kids were gifted everything they needed to start playing hockey. almost every single one of these kids have never skated before, many of them don’t even know the full rules of hockey. The goal of this program is to introduce kids to the basics of hockey

I first got involved in mentoring kids’ hockey almost 4 years ago. I always wanted to help kids because when I was first starting hockey, I didn’t always have that mentor that I needed to help me with little things or answer simple questions. I always wanted that person, but I never had them. The few times I did have a mentor helping me at my practices I would always tend to find myself asking them lots of questions, I think this is because sometimes my coach (or any coach) can be a bit intimidating at sometimes. I always found my mentors to be helpful and understanding which is why I would always go to them for help first.  I have learned that kids sometimes need a mentor who they aren’t intimidated by and they can joke around with while also working on their skills with. Another reason I got involved in mentoring kids is because I love the rewarding feeling of helping the kids. I love the feeling I get when I can make a kid smile because he scored off a move, I told him to try or make them laugh at a joke I told. It’s a very rewarding and addicting feeling.

My goal throughout this experience is to help kids better their hockey skills and fall in love with he sports and continue to play it for the rest of their lives. This will help them stay active and healthy. I will also try to promote a healthy diet for the kids. I will remind them to drink lots of water (especially during practice or when exercising) and I will even bring clean water bottles for the kids in case they forget theirs during practice. I will try to teach them the basics of how much an active lifestyle will positively impact their lives going forward.


Also, I was thinking about going to cleanup a beach so if anyone is interested let me know!

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  1. Hey Noah,

    I admire your passion and eagerness to give children the opportunity to enjoy the sport you love. Mentoring in all areas such as skills, diet and support will benefit the students as well as yourself in all aspects. Perhaps during one of your volunteer opportunities, you could take some pictures or a short video to allow students on the website to have a little taste of the connections and memories you are making with the children. Overall your action is very heartfelt and truly a positive impact on the community so I look forward to reading your next post.

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