Cycle #1 – My Action Post #1

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my first Action post of the year! Last year, I focused my action project on “Personal Growth” where I decided to become a teen tutor for elementary school students in my community. However, this year I’ve decided to switch gears and focus on the goal “Good Health and Well-Being”.

At school, I lead a club called Miracle Movement. The goal of our club is to raise awareness on pediatric health. We do this by initiating campaigns and hosting small fundraisers in support of BC Children’s Hospital. In the previous years, we’ve done bake sales and fun end of the year events to raise money. Furthermore, we also advocate for our causes with events such as creating “Write a Card for the Kids” stands and taping balloons with facts in the foyer. For our first event of the school year, we’re currently planning a bake sale on Thursday, October 17th, 2019. If anyone has any ideas for any future events we could plan, please feel free to comment!

In all, I’m extremely proud of being apart this club. Not only do I get to work different people who are also passionate of the same goals, but I also am given an opportunity to be apart of the planning to create a movement. Because I find the people I work with to be my greatest teachers, I decided to not have a particular expert for my Action project. I constantly learn from collaborating with others, and I’m proud of how much my skills have developed since joining this club.

            2019’s End of the Year event hosted by Miracle Movement. 

As I’ve mentioned, out of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals, I am passionate about good health and well-being. This is because this goal encompasses a large range of topics. For example, it promotes healthy lifestyles, preventive measures and efficient healthcare for everyone. I believe that everyone has the right to have access to this support; therefore, for my Action project, it will consist out of the various events Miracle Movement initiates.

For me, maintaining an optimal level of wellness and health is very important. As a student, I’ve understood the difficulty between maintaining a balanced lifestyle between my academics and personal. I know that my wellness directly correlates to my emotions and actions. Therefore, in order to live a higher quality life, it’s important to take a step back and evaluate. When we are conscious of our health, we can reduce stress, lower the risk for illness issues and ensure positive interactions. However, people do get sick even though people who sincerely aspires for their wellness. No one is immune from health problems.

Over the years, the expenses for healthcare has increased, and it’s important, as a society, to keep them affordable. BC’s Children’s Hospital holds a special place for me. I’ve been there numerous times, and I’ve truly understood why hospital are so crucial to our community. The reality is that hospitals amplify the effectiveness of our health system. They’re able to work with scares resources and respond efficiently to people’s health needs. Consequently, working for a special organization and cause motivates me.


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