Daeun Kim

Hi, my name is Daeun Kim and I go by Daeun. I’m 14 years old, grade 10 and I go to Langley Fine Arts school. I live in Willoughby with my homestay and my favourite subject is math.

 My major is Visual Art which is very amazing and it is my passion. When I’m very focused on my painting, I don’t realize how quickly the time passes. The biggest reason I love arts is I can express how I feel or what I want to show and share with others through my arts, so art is one of the ways that I communicate with other people.

I’m an international student from Korea, and It is my second year in Canada. Studying in Canada brought to me a lot of differences in my life and made me could see the world from diverse perspectives. Therefore, when I heard about Butterfly Effect, I felt like It would bring a lot of differences into my life and the thoughts brought me here.

If I can solve one of the global problems, I would eliminate discrimination in race, gender, something that we are born with but we can never change. There are still a lot of people who belittle other people for no other reason than that only they are different from them because the thing most important for me is respecting and trying to understand people from other cultures and I think that is the first step to be a part of a community.

Here’s one of my drawings.

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  1. Hi Daeun!

    Your drawings look amazing. It’s unreal the amazing technique and patience you must have to be an artist. Do you ever come across challenges or obstacles you have to overcome through your work on your art? What is your thinking process when starting a new project?

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you do on Butterfly Effect this year!
    -Madison Ciulla

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