All About Me-Mariana Cardenas

My name is Mariana Cardenas Sepulveda, I’m fifteen years old and I go to Langley Fine Arts School in grade 11. I am a Drama major and my favorite subject is either that or French class. I was born in Colombia and my first language is Spanish. My parents have always taught me values like helping others as much as I can, and have shown me that everyone has the capacity of making an impact in others lives and how to do it. That is where my passion for it came from. What brought me to Butterfly is the big things that people do to make a change. My goal has always been to make a good impact in others lives and that is something that I believe butterfly can help me do. The connections that people have in it are amazing for me.

The word “global community” means for me that everyone can have relationships with people all over the world. We can all make big impacts in others lives and help each other as if we were right beside each other even if we are miles apart. A thing that i feel strongly about is the fact that a lot of people in governments that have a lot of power, abuse it against others that don’t have it, and don’t care how their actions affect others. I believe that if everyone prioritized the lives of others, a lot of other problems like wars and poverty would significantly decrease. I want to teach others that a life is bigger than any amount of authority, money, or power in any form could ever be and that everyone deserves to have a voice and receive respect no matter what status they have. In my spare time, I like to play piano, walk with my dog, paint, draw, sing (but i’m not the best at it), and many other things. I have three dogs, one beagle, one basset hound, and a husky and I love spending time with them. In school I am involved in things like the Green Team, Pa-Moja, Leos Club, Spirit Squad, The MiX, and Outdoor Education, I think it is a very good way to connect with peers that have similar interests to mine.


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  1. Yo Mariana, Id love to explore this with you. We are friends so I feel like we will both be able to work well together. I know we both have very different back grounds but that is what makes history and shows people across the world what else is out there for everyone. I agree that we can make really big impacts on others weather beside each other or far apart.

    • yo stranger 🙂 haha let’s make a difference in each other’s lifes and others by getting “dancing queen” stuck in their heads hahaha

      youuu can daaaaance

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