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Hello my name is Cynthia Quinn I’m 14 years old and am in grade 10 at Charles Best secondary school! It’s definitely hard for me to pick a favourite subject at school, but a couple of my favourites are science, drama and gym. Science is one of my favourite subjects because I am definitely a curious person who loves to ask question and learn new things about the world we live in. I also love to be active and running is a definite passion of mine. I also enjoy reading and painting. I think they are two things that can really transport you into your own world where you can be totally free. I have also been playing soccer since I was seven and in the past couple years I have started playing field hockey which I think are both amazing sports. I find I’m most relaxed around my family. I absolutely adore my family and we are really close with each other. My mom was born in Canada and my dad was born in Vietnam. Every moment I spend with them is a moment I enjoy and we always laugh non-stop when we are together! Something most people don’t know about me is that I am a total outdoors person. Whether its raining, sunny, cloudy or snowing I’ll be outside at some point in the day! I would say some of my main traits are optimism and creativity. I find I am someone who can have a positive attitude or find the fun in most situations. As for creativity, I find I can often think outside the box and love to express my ideas in any creative way I can. I would like to become a doctor/ nurse because I think it would be very fulfilling to help people and I would want to give back to my community. I’m very excited and honoured to be a part of butterfly and I can’t wait to learn more about it!



                           Here is a picture of my dog and I on a hike


   Here is another picture of my dog who I love!

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  1. Hi Cynthia! I feel the same way about science, there’s just so many things we don’t know and science helps explain them. I go to an art school, so painting is a must! I like how you’re interested in such diverse fields, I think that opens up many doors for your future career, like wanting to be a doctor. What would you be interested in doing on butterfly? Maybe something in the medical field? I’m sure whatever topic you choose will be great. Welp see ya around, and have a nice day!

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