About me – Rhea Manhas

Hey there! My name is Rhea Manhas, and I’m going into grade 12 at Dr Charles Best Secondary school. This is my fourth year doing Social Responsibility/Butterfly Effect, I’ve been in it since I started high school in grade 9.  

Something about me that might surprise others is that I quite enjoy languages and sciences.  I have been in French immersion since preschool and it has been really fun for me to learn the language and all about the French culture. This past spring, I had the amazing opportunity to go to Belgium and France, which has been something I was wanting to do probably since kindergarten. It was an amazing experience which I will never forget.  I also really enjoy English, to be more specific, writing. In grade 11, I took creative writing as my English 11, and I honestly enjoyed it a lot more than I expected. If I had never taken that course, I don’t think I would have even thought about trying to write a story or poem. This past summer, I received a letter in the mail saying that a poem my teacher told us to submit to a contest in January, was chosen to be published in an anthology. I haven’t heard back if my poem won the competition yet, but it will be getting published.  

As I mentioned, I also quite enjoy sciences. Biology is my favorite science because I find human anatomy very interesting, being more specific, I really like to learn about the brain.  Psychology is a major topic of interest for me and so learning about the parts of the brain and how it works is really something I am passionate about.  I enjoy chemistry as well, but more so for the fun of it like doing labs and mixes chemicals and whatnot.  

In my free time, I really enjoy listening to music and spending time with my friends. After a long and stressful day of school, I always listen to music as I’m headed home. I find it as such a good way to relax and clear my mind after school.  I find that studying or doing homework while listening to music helps me focus really well. I am also super productive when I do work or study with my friends.  

For this year, I am most interested in inquiry because I really enjoy choosing a topic of my own interest and learning about what I want to learn about, as well as reading the research of everyone else.  

Thanks for reading! 


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