My name is Mitchell, I go by Mitch normally. I’m 16 in grade 11 at Langley Fine Arts and my favourite subject is math. I joined the Butterfly Effect because my mom is one of the teachers and I got to see in my own home the positive things that are coming out of this class, and wanted to be a part of it. My passions are hockey and cars. My strongest attribute is probably my work ethic, when something is really important to me i work really hard on it and almost always get the results I work towards. In my free time I normally watch shows or play NBA 2k20. most of my free time is spent playing hockey though. i have 4-5 hockey practices or game a week.  I would want to be the worst player on the best team because I normally work harder when I’m surrounded by people who are better at the task then me. It helps motivate me and brings my level or skills up to the people around me. I am interested in working with film and would really like to connect with someone who would like to work on films and breaking stereotypes.

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